The Solar Eclipse from 223,000 Miles Away 

This spectacular image showing the Moon’s shadow on Earth’s surface was acquired during a 20-second period on April 8, 2024, by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

The Amazon Plume

The Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission collected this image over northern Brazil, where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. 

St. Patrick’s Aurora Illuminates the Night Sky

These colorful ribbons of light are the visible manifestation of the solar wind—the flow of charged particles from the Sun—interacting with the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Dawson-Lambton Glacier Home to Penguins 

This Copernicus Sentinel-2 image features the ice tongue of the Dawson-Lambton Glacier in Antarctica, which lies southwest of the Brunt Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea sector of the continent.

Tobago Oil Spill 

Before and after satellite images from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission show the scale of the oil spill that occurred off the shores of Trinidad and Tobago’s coastline in February 2024.



Septentrio expands UAV ecosystem for reliable GNSS positioning

Robust high-accuracy RTK positioning is now easily accessible to drone integrators thanks to Septentrio’s multiple partners Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, is closely working with several major drone solutions providers including...

Northern Plains UAS Test Site Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

FAA-Designated Test Site and Leaders to Join Presentations at AUVSI XPONENTIAL   GRAND FORKS, North Dakota – Known for results and innovation, the Northern Plains UAS Test Site marks its 10th anniversary this year. The Federal Aviation Administration-designated...



AGI Awards for Excellence to be Announced at GEO Business

London, 23 April 2024 – The Association for Geographic Information (AGI), the membership group for organisations and individuals working in the geospatial sector, will present its Awards for Excellence at the UK’s largest geospatial event GEO Business. Working with...

7 things to see at GEO Business

GEO Business, the UK's largest geospatial event, returns to ExCeL London on 5-6 June 2024.  GEO Business is a platform for you to connect with the geospatial community and unlock the potential of geospatial innovation.   This free-to-attend expo acts as...

Tomaž Petek elected President of EuroGeographics

Tomaž Petek, General Manager, Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia, was elected President of EuroGeographics at the not-for-profit Association’s 2024 General Assembly. He succeeds Colin Bray, Tailte Éireann, who has held the position since...

Commercial UAV Expo Announces 2024 Advisory Board

Commercial UAS industry leaders will provide guidance for the landmark 10th edition by serving on Commercial UAV Expo Advisory Board Portland, Maine – Organizers of Commercial UAV Expo, the world’s leading commercial drone trade show and conference, have...


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