Eye of Quebec Seen from Space 

by | Feb 16, 2024

Manicougan Crater seen from the International Space Station on Feb. 5 2024, by ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen. When Andreas shared the picture on social media, he said: 

“Flying over the Earth, I see so many different sites. Here in the eastern part of Canada is the Manicouagan Crater, made by an impact of a metorite about 200 million years ago. The meteorite was around 5 kilometers in diameter and created the roughly 100 kilometer-wide ring structure with an island which is now clearly visible from space, since it is as big as the island of Tenerife. The lakes contain many species of fish, while also providing water for several hydroelectric power plants down stream, generating power to the region.”  

Image Credit: ESA/NASA-A.Mogensen 


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