SkyFi Announces Partnership with True Elements to Integrate Advanced Water Intelligence into its Platform

by | Apr 12, 2024

NAPLES, Fla. – SkyFi, a marketplace for Earth observation data and analytics, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with True Elements, a pioneering Water Intelligence company providing water data analytics and forecasting. True Elements’ state-of-the-art Water Intelligence capabilities provide comprehensive assessment of water quality, quantity, and watershed health. Designed to help decision makers understand and address material water risks, identify opportunities, and empower climate adaptation strategies, the system stands as the first of its kind tailored for enterprise application.

True Elements’ Water Intelligence system aggregates, synthesizes, and transforms complex water data into clear visualizations and climate insights. This deeper intelligence into water dynamics aids in proactive risk management, ensuring that adaptation efforts are grounded in precise, real-time data, scientific analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven forecasting.

By equipping decision makers with True Elements’ localized Water Intelligence insights alongside SkyFi’s satellite imagery, decision makers have a more complete, multi-dimensional view of their specific situation with greater context and deeper understanding of current and future water risks as well as opportunities.

“Advancements in technology are more powerful when combined. That’s why True Elements is excited for this new partnership with SkyFi to augment their earth observation imagery with Water Intelligence and assist organizations in identifying the specific, localized water risks and opportunities that are critical to a successful to a successful climate adaptation strategy.” said Kim Patrick Kobza, CEO of True Elements.

This unique combination of technologies will serve a wide range of industry needs, from enhancing sustainability initiatives and developing risk management strategies to optimizing supply chain resilience and supporting strategic site selection.

“Water shapes our everyday lives in profound ways, influencing everything from the global economy to local communities. Our partnership with True Elements not only opens new markets but also equips users with critical insights for better decision-making. Together, we’re making strides towards a more informed and sustainable world,” said Luke Fischer, CEO and Cofounder of SkyFi.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in leveraging geospatial data for environmental risk management, setting a new standard for sustainable decision-making in an era of climate change. SkyFi and True Elements are committed to providing tools that enable businesses and communities to make informed, strategic choices for a sustainable future.

About SkyFi
SkyFi is building the geospatial hub for the world, offering an unparalleled user-centric platform that allows customers to access Earth observation imagery and analytics tools. SkyFi’s mission is to make imagery and environmental insights more accessible, supporting anyone, anywhere, to address real-world problems with a transparent view of Earth.

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About True Elements
True Elements is a leading information technology company delivering the world’s only full scale, global Water Intelligence system through an innovative SaaS cloud-based platform.

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