Sanborn’s Broadband Navigator™ is Available for Streamlined Purchase on NASPO

by | Apr 29, 2024

The Sanborn Map Company’s (Sanborn) Broadband Navigator™ is now available on the NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing program allowing all state Broadband Offices a path for streamlined purchase. (Photo: Business Wire)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.-Are you fully prepared to complete your BEAD State Challenge Process? If not, your path to success just got easier. The Sanborn Map Company’s (Sanborn) Broadband Navigator™ is now available on the NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing program allowing all state Broadband Offices a path for streamlined purchase.

“The timing of this news could not be better for state Broadband Offices. This contracting vehicle allows us to quickly onboard with states to support their tight BEAD timelines,” said Justin Fazzari, Sanborn’s Senior Broadband Strategist and former NTIA policy analyst.

“We built the Broadband Navigator to help states take advantage of state-of-the-art mapping and cloud-based tools that will speed up the BEAD state challenge process,” said Fazzari. “The Navigator helps states meet critical NTIA deadlines, conform to NTIA policy, and comprehensively meet geospatial mapping and data analytic needs throughout the BEAD program.”

Sanborn’s experience mapping broadband dates to the NTIA BTOP Program in 2009 and the development of the National Broadband Map. Through the current NTIA BEAD program, Sanborn’s vision is to ensure state Broadband Offices have the geospatial data and resources needed to meet state and NTIA goals for closing the digital divide. Sanborn is working with several state Broadband Offices in the role of data strategist and provider of mapping solutions, including the Broadband Navigator. The Sanborn advantage is that it offers a combination of data, analysis, tools, and strategic consulting.

To take immediate advantage of streamlined purchasing of the Broadband Navigator on NASPO, and to explore options for data strategy, contact Justin Fazzari at [email protected].

About The Sanborn Map Company

Sanborn created its first maps in 1866 and has been pioneering new ways for working with mapped data ever since. Today Sanborn’s unique comprehensive approach offers data collection, SAAS solutions, and cloud mapping platforms, combined with extensive GIS consulting services – spatial analysis, application development, GIS strategic planning, and staff augmentation. Sanborn data products include: terrain, infrastructure, transportation, bathymetric, and subsurface mapping. Sanborn data collection systems cover: imagery, lidar, hyperspectral imaging, sonar, and magnetic, radiometric and electromagnetic survey. The Sanborn advantage is to help customers to create comprehensive geospatial solutions that match their needs, budget, and system requirements. Sanborn’s ISO 9001:2015 certification is a further demonstration of its commitment to quality. To learn more about Sanborn, visit


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