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October 5, 2012

Full-Motion Video Goes Mainstream

  Efficiently managing and exploiting the growing volume of video data is becoming easier thanks to open-source and commercial software advances. By Mark Kozak and Ed Bohling, PAR Government Systems (, Rome, N.Y. Ever since German engineers employed a form of closed-circuit television to monitor V-2 rocket tests in 1942, streaming video has been used

October 5, 2012

Delivering Imagery on Demand from the Cloud

By Brian Rohde, senior product manager, DigitalGlobe (, Longmont, Colo. As the use of satellite and aerial imagery continues to expand across a host of applications, the mechanisms to deliver and distribute such data have become critically important to users and providers. Aligning these dissemination tools with cloud hosting and computing is a natural fit

October 5, 2012

Exploring the Horizon of Geospatial Imagery Analysis

  Today’s warfighters can collect, manage and deliver geospatial intelligence more effectively than ever. What’s next? By Pete McIntosh, solutions engineer,  Exelis Visual Information Solutions (, Boulder, Colo. Geospatial imagery has supported defense and intelligence operations since World War I, when aerial photography changed the vantage point of the battlefield. The types and sheer volume

July 19, 2012


Technology innovations are minimizing the processing times and disk space required to store vast volumes of LiDAR data.   By Mark Kozak and Verne LaClair, PAR Government Systems (, Rome, N.Y.     BIGDATAis a term applied to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time. Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data fit this description.

July 19, 2012

SpaceDataHighway Will Redefine High-Speed Data Transfer

Beginning in 2014, an innovative constellation of data-relay satellites will transform the way we transfer data from low Earth orbit satellites and unmanned aircraft systems. By Akos Hegyi, Martin Agnew and Judith Metschies, Astrium Services (, Friedrichshafen,  Germany. The number of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) in use has exploded during the last decade for military

July 19, 2012

Living in a Post-Envisat World

How can users meet the challenge of C-band SAR data continuity?   By David Belton, general manager, MDA Geospatial Services Inc. (, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.   The recent loss of the Envisat satellite is taking its toll on thousands of operational and scientific users and programs around the world. LaunchedMarch 1, 2002, by the

July 19, 2012

Inside the Landsat Data Continuity Mission

Landsats 5 and 7 are all but finished, pinning the program’s future squarely upon the next planned mission.   By Kevin P. Corbley, principal, Corbley Communications (, Castle Rock, Colo., and John Stenmark, principal, Genesee Communications (, Golden, Colo.   Since 1972, the Landsat program has provided an unbroken flow of global land imagery. Developed

July 19, 2012

Unmanned Aircraft Bolster Wildfire Response

Unprecedented property loss from wildfires in Colorado and the western United States underscores the importance of emerging multipurpose unmanned aircraft systems for rapid disturbance mapping. By Thomas Zajkowski, a remote sensing specialist with the U.S. Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center (, Salt Lake City, Utah. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the

July 19, 2012

Celebrating 40 Years of Landsat!

  By John R. Hughes, editorial director, Earth Imaging Journal (, Greeley, Colo. Within days of the launch of the first Landsat satellite 40 years ago, scientists were astounded when they were able to view a dramatic 81,000-acre fire in an isolated region ofAlaska. For the first time, the Landsat scene allowed scientists and forestry

June 12, 2012

On the Cutting Edge of Emergency Management

  The U.S. Geological Survey’s Emergency Operations Office gives emergency managers fast access to critical satellite imagery. By Kevin P. Corbley, principal, Corbley Communications (, Castle Rock, Colo., and John Stenmark, principal, Genesee Communications (, Golden, Colo.   The use of geographic information system (GIS) technology is gaining widespread acceptance in the disaster response and

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