Large-Format Printing: HP Expands Portfolio of TAA-Compliant Designjet ePrinters

by | Mar 31, 2016

Copy-of-HP-PageWide-XL-4500-MFP_Right-ScanHP®, Inc. (HP®) acknowledges the unique missions of government by offering a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions for Public Sector agencies and organizations. HP® addresses key priorities and security challenges by manufacturing all of their wide-format Designjet printer family products in compliance with the Trade Agreement Act of 1979 (TAA). With the growing of digital information exchanges, HP® recognizes that Security Information Management is key and continues to lead and transform the market by offering TAA-compliant versions of the latest technologies.

The New HP PageWide XL Printer Portfolio

On April 9, 2015, HP® unveiled the fastest Large-Format Color and Monochrome Printing Portfolio on the Market along with new large-format supplies and printing materials formulated specifically for this innovative technology. HP® also announced the release of HP® SmartStream software, designed to optimize workflow for peak efficiency.

HP® PageWide XL Printers do the job of two printers in one, providing monochrome and color prints at breakthrough speeds. The production printing market has traditionally been led by monochrome-only LED printers, requiring customers to also operate large-format inkjet color printers to address color jobs. These new PageWide printers consolidate workflow to deliver mixed black-and-white and color prints in half the time it would take to manually collate documents produced on multiple printers.

The new printers will enable reprographic houses, print service providers (PSPs), enterprise central reprographic departments (CRDs), and print corners to produce computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. They can also open new business opportunities, such as the production of geographic information system (GIS) maps, point-of-sale applications and posters.  

The PageWide XL Printer Portfolio includes two TAA-compliant models, the HP® PageWide XL 4500 Printer and the HP® PageWide XL 4500 Multifunction Printer (http://XL4500.IRG.COM). Both models enable cost-conscious and security-conscious technical teams, such as architects and engineers, to securely print up to 12 D/A1-size prints per minute in inhouse print corners.  Co-workers working on a construction site

HP® PageWide XL Printer accessories, such as the HP® PageWide XL online folder, top stacker, and high-capacity stacker, enable customers to build efficient end-to-end workflows around HP® PageWide XL Printers and free up the operator. In addition, HP® offers a full portfolio of scanning and finishing solutions, including the HP Designjet HD and SD Pro Scanners.

HP® SmartStream software for HP® PageWide XL Printers reduces time spent preparing and processing jobs by 50 percent. It also reduces reprints with native PDF management powered by Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 and offers a true-color print preview with interactive HP® Crystal Preview technology to turn operator efficiency into operating profit.

HP® PageWide Printers are built on proven technology that powers HP® PageWide Web Presses and HP X series devices, currently producing 4 billion combined impressions monthly. This technology will help meet tough IT and reliability standards, offering dependable production printing complemented by simple device management and a range of security-enhancing features, like PIN printing and a self-encrypted HDD, to protect your information and your business.

The New HP DesignJet Technical Printers

On Nov. 18, 2015, HP® Inc. unveiled five new HP® DesignJet technical printers, including the flagship HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction Printer (http://T830.IRG.COM) and the HP DesignJet T730 Printer (http://T730.IRG.COM), reinventing how architect, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals print, scan and copy. Engineered to withstand tough environments, these new devices make large-format printing faster and easier from the office to construction sites.

HP® has reinvented large-format printing for today's mobile workforces. Ideal for construction professionals, general contractors, and computer-aided design (CAD) teams, the DesignJet T830 MFP is the industry's most affordable, compact, and transportable integrated large-format MFP. The HP® DesignJet T830 Multifunction Printer is a 36-inch device performing large-format print/scan/copy functions with the same footprint as the HP® DesignJet T730 Printer. The MFP offers a damage-resistant design able to withstand challenging job sites, a built-in scanner, and a front panel that can be extended and operated from a tablet.

Sharing many of the same features, the HP® DesignJet T830 MFP and T730 Printer provide:

  • Increased ease-of-use and competitive speeds, delivering high-quality A1/D-size prints in as few as 25 seconds.
  • An automatic sheet feeder, enabling easy printing of half-size drawings up to 13 inches wide, avoiding paper waste and extra labor for cutting the roll output.
  • Off-axis ink delivery, allowing flexible ink cartridge sizes from 40-300 ml that adjust to the actual usage profile of each customer, avoiding big expenses and expiration issues in low-usage environments.
  • An Econofast print mode, saving ink and time spent printing working documents and drafts.
  • A detachable stand, making moving the printer from office to office easier.
  • Wi-Fi Direct, a built-in Wi-Fi network for easy connectivity (Wi-Fi is not available for TAA Compliant models), allowing the device to create its own Wi-Fi network for direct mobile printing without other infrastructure.
  • An intuitive front panel with a touchscreen, which works like a smartphone.

The HP® DesignJet T730 Printer and T830 MFP help eliminate traditional printing pain points, enabling users to economically deliver prints for meetings, markup real-time changes, and easily share documents with key stakeholders to streamline workflow.

In addition, HP® offers three other new HP® DesignJet printers to help AEC professionals reach new levels of quality, ease of use, mobility, and collaboration. The HP® DesignJet T930 Printer, designed for small- and medium-sized AEC teams, boosts team productivity and offers enhanced security protocols to help safeguard information, while providing superior print quality with six HP® Original inks, including gray and photo black inks. The HP® DesignJet T1530 Printer, a dual-roll 36-inch printer utilizing six HP® Original inks, features an integrated 50-page output stacking tray and advanced security protocols, maximizing workgroup productivity and enterprise security in high-volume environments. The HP® DesignJet T2530 MFP, an easy-to-operate MFP, features one intuitive control panel for print, scan and copy functions, and offers the flexibility of two media rolls. This MFP provides advanced design and engineering workgroups A1/D-size prints in as few as 21 seconds and 2.5 inch-per-second color scanning capabilities to maximize productivity. The device also offers secure printing and is easy to manage from upgrades to network integration.

IRG Plotters and Printers, Inc. ® (IRG®) is an HP® Gold Designjet Specialist and Service Provider that specializes in printing, imaging and data storage solutions. IRG® understands and caters to the public sector by offering complete lifecycle management solutions for all of the HP® Designjet family. In addition, IRG® works with case manufacturers, such as Anvil® and Calzone®, to produce deployable cases that provide extra protection for your investment by allowing it to be safely transported and deployed in the field. IRG® is part of the HP® Public Sector Partner Network and a service-connected, disabled-veteran-owned small business. IRG® enables client success by delivering solutions based on technology, practice and policy, a sustainable strategy that provides concrete results.

Discover why the HP® Designjet Portfolio (GSA Contract No.: GS-35F-0224U ) is ahead of the technological curve and how IRG® can assist you in determining the best solution for your needs. For more information, contact IRG® at 800-474-9514. For commercial and public-sector special incentives or to request a quote, please visit, select the IRG® STORE and request a FREE account.

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TAA Compliant HP® PageWide XL and DesignJet Solutions for the U.S. Federal Government:

(GSA Contract No.: GS-35F-0224U)


HP PageWide XL 4500 with Encrypted Hard Disk with AES-256, 3 YR WTY (CZ313B#BCB)

HP PageWide XL 4500 MFP with Encrypted Hard Disk with AES-256, 3 YR WTY (CZ312B#BCB)

HP Designjet T520 24-in/36-in ePrinter with no Hard Disk, No WiFi (CQ890A#BCB)/(CQ893A#BCB)

HP Designjet T730 36-in Printer with no Hard Disk, No WiFi (F9A29A#BCB)

HP Designjet T790 PostScript 24-in ePrinter with Encrypted Hard Disk (CR648B#BCB)

HP Designjet T830 MFP 36-in with no Hard Disk, No WiFi (F9A30A#BCB)

HP Designjet T930 PostScript 36-in ePrinter with Encrypted Hard Disk (L2Y22B#BCB)

HP Designjet T1300 PostScript 44-in ePrinter with Encrypted Hard Disk (CR652B#BCB)

HP Designjet T1530 PostScript 36-in ePrinter with Encrypted Hard Disk (L2Y26B#BCB)

HP Designjet T2530 PostScript 36-in eMultifunction Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk (L2Y26B#BCB)

HP Designjet T3500 Production eMFP with Encrypted Hard Disk 3 YR WTY (B9E24B#BCB)

HP Designjet T7200 42-in Production Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk Drive (F2L46B#BCB)*

HP Designjet HD Pro 42-in Scanner (G6H51A#B1K)

HP Designjet SD Pro 44-in Scanner (G6H50A#B1K)

HP Designjet HD Pro 42-in Scanner with Intel i7 processor (G6H51B#B1K)

HP Designjet SD Pro 44-in Scanner with Intel i7 processor (G6H50B#B1K)

HP Designjet Z3200 PostScript 24-in/44-in Photo Printer (Q6720B#BCB)/(Q6721B#BCB)

HP Designjet Z6200 42-in Photo Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk (CQ109B#BCB)*

HP Designjet Z6800 60-in Photo Production Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk (F2S72B#BCB)

HP Designjet Z5200 PostScript 44-in Photo Printer (CQ113A#BCB)

HP Designjet Z5400 PostScript 44-in Photo Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk (E1L21B#BCB)

* PostScript Upgrade available for HP Designjet T7200 and Z6800 models (CN500B)

U.S. Federal Government DesignJet Guide: http://DESIGNJET.IRG.COM/


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