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October 8, 2018
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica and GXL 2018

PCI Geomatics announced the release of Geomatica 2018, the company’s flagship software for complete and integrated desktop and enterprise geoimage processing.

Geomatica features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, mosaicking, and more that can be deployed through the Geomatica desktop, Python workflows, or through large-volume-production GXL systems.

The 2018 release introduces Analysis Ready Data (ARD) tools, which addresses critical requirements for performing authoritative and scientifically accurate single-image analysis and multitemporal analytics. With the new ARD tools, customers can perform radiometric normalization and geometric alignment of large stacks of images through scalable and automated workflows. There is also support for the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Open Data Cube (ODC), which provides organizations with a unique opportunity to leverage deep catalogs of historical satellite imagery to gain multitemporal insights.

New workflows offer advanced capability to streamline and speed up aerial production projects with digital-frame and pushbroom cameras. Techniques for extracting digital surface models (DSM), based on semiglobal matching (SGM) and multiview stereo extraction, provide high-quality capabilities to extract digital elevation models (DEM). Projects with collections of highly-overlapping data can benefit from DSM merging to produce DSM true ortho images.

Combined with innovations in aerial production in recent releases, such as one-to-one ortho-preview capabilities, automated and customized DSM-editing filters, and advanced locally adaptive color-balancing techniques, customers can use efficient and automated algorithms and workflows in Geomatica and GXL to produce high-quality results.

Object Analyst, the Geomatica object-based image-analysis tool has been enhanced significantly in performance and capability. For example, you can now perform SAR-specific segmentation and analysis.

InSAR, the Geomatica interferometric-SAR tool, features a new, modified Goldstein filter to improve phase unwrapping.

Mosaicking in Geomatica is consolidated and streamlined in an upgraded standalone Mosaic Tool. Creating a mosaic is now as easy as following a wizard.

Geomatica 2018 is available for 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows (10, 8.x, 7) and Linux CentOS/RHEL (7.x).

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