Ocient Launches OcientGeo™ to Power More Geospatial Use Cases with Accelerated Insights and Cost-Effective Machine Learning

by | Dec 14, 2023

OcientGeo delivers 50x higher resolution than other spatial databases, includes native support for 120+ geospatial functions, and provides a truly global spatial index

CHICAGO –Ocient, the leading hyperscale data analytics platform, today announced the release of OcientGeo™, a suite of spatial database features for enhanced spatiotemporal query performance and analytics at scale. Embedded within the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse™ (OHDW), OcientGeo brings high-resolution analysis, the industry’s largest library of geospatial functions, and a spatial index optimized for objects on land, air, or water to use cases across government, automotive, telecom, and emerging industries leveraging geospatial data types.

Geospatial workloads power some of the world’s most critical data applications like climate risk analysis and energy use cases, yet interoperability, cost, and real-time analysis limit their effectiveness and efficiency at scale. OcientGeo enables companies to ingest and analyze larger volumes of historical data, run OcientML™ on high-resolution spatial data, and process massive amounts of spatiotemporal data in near real-time, all without compromising on processing speeds or cost. Additionally, because these capabilities are supported within the OHDW, users can streamline their entire geospatial data analytics stack within Ocient and receive accurate, high-quality results as their data scales, instead of risking data degradation that often comes with moving and copying data across disparate systems.

“The ability to collect geospatial data has long outpaced an ability to analyze it quickly and cost effectively. For years, companies have had to simplify their spatiotemporal data or use specialized tools in order to leverage it. OcientGeo is changing that, enabling customers to ingest and analyze full-resolution spatial information rapidly and at scale,” said Ocient CEO Chris Gladwin. “By bringing the powerful features of OcientGeo to the OHDW, we’re building on our commitment to help customers consolidate their tech stacks, drive business decision intelligence with real-time geospatial data analytics, and pursue new opportunities without compromise.”

Key features of OcientGeo include:

  • Support for high-resolution data types including lines and polygons with up to 32 million embedded points. Users can perform robust analytics directly in the database without needing to downsample or simplify spatial data.
  • Native support for real-time analysis on over 120 geospatial functions, the largest library in the industry, including temporospatial native queries. Based on the WGS84 standard, which includes the ability to use both spherical and spheroid models of the Earth for high precision, OcientGeo provides low-latency geospatial analytics at scale.
  • Increased resolution on spatial data up to 50x better than other spatial databases. OcientGeo’s support for complex column types ensures users can generate previously infeasible insights and intelligence from geospatial data at scale.
  • Expanded time and space analytics for land, air, and sea. Unlike the H3 Index which optimizes for querying objects over land, the OcientGeo spatial index optimizes for objects around the globe, including over land, air, and at sea;
  • Accelerated AI on geospatial data with OcientML, which enables customers to reduce latency, improve data accuracy, and minimize the time and cost required to power spatial AI at scale;
  • Built-in compatibility with geospatial visualization tools. OcientGeo supports open standards and connectors to leading geospatial visualization tools including Superset, PowerBI, Metabase, Tableau, and Jupyter.

“Across industries, organizations are discovering exciting and impactful new ways to leverage spatial data analysis and geospatial intelligence,” said Steve Bowsher, President & CEO, In-Q-Tel. “We’ve seen Ocient drive previously infeasible outcomes with large-scale geospatial data sets, and the release of OcientGeo promises to unlock even more ways to drive next generation outcomes.”

Learn more about OcientGeo and the platform built for analyzing more here.

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