ESP Announces Beta Launch of AI Powered Two-Way Communication Capability for its Notify Platform at the Esri User Conference

by | Aug 8, 2023

LOS ANGELES – ESP Logistics Technology (ESP), a company focused on increasing security, productivity and sustainability through tools like Notify, announced today the release of its newly enhanced Notify platform with two-way communication capabilities along with natural language processing.

ESP’s Notify platform, an advanced communications platform designed to deliver location-based voice, text, and email messages quickly, gives entities the ability to communicate planned and emergency alerts to customers and employees on a timely basis. Now with the addition of two-way communications, Notify can vastly enhance emergency response for corporate security, state and local government, and more. This send-and-respond feature helps guide employees, homeowners, and others to safety. In addition, this feature allows utility companies to be able to have customers pay overdue bills simply by selecting a response to the message sent.

Another new feature is natural language processing which helps craft the wording of the communication and enhance the quality of messages sent. It can also rate your message and offer suggestions for improvement.

“These two new features will really help make our clients’ job a whole lot easier and more efficient,” said Brian Smith, Chief Product Officer. “It represents a very material enhancement in capability to an already robust platform. We project full functionality to be completed and rolled out at the end of Q3, 2023.”

These new features, still in beta mode, were demonstrated at the Esri User Conference, the world’s largest GIS tradeshow with over 20,000 attendees, to a great response. “People were extremely impressed with the new features,” said Kevin Scott, customer relations manager at ESP. “We received very positive feedback along with strong interest for further demonstration and conversation after the tradeshow.”

About ESP

ESP’s mission is to connect the Global Supply Chain through its cloud-based geospatial platform that exponentially increases productivity via real-time location intelligence and end-to-end visibility while reducing environmental impact. The flow of goods, from manufacturing and shipping to warehousing and trucking, is a connected ecosystem that currently exists in disparate silos. With services that include geospatial technology and building a data pipeline, the vision is to unearth insights to unlock flow in the logistics and supply chain industries. Additionally, ESP provides our customers with an enterprise-based mass notification and alerting system that enhances workflows through manual or automated texts, emails, and phone calls. For more information, visit


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