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September 21, 2020
Dronegenuity Launches Online Drone Training Platform

Dronegenuity, a nationwide leader in commercial drone services, announced on Monday the launch of a new online course designed to help aspiring drone pilots become certified to fly drones commercially. The Part 107 Test Prep course will become available to the public on September 17, 2020 for anyone who would like to earn his or her Remote Pilot Certification. Individuals who pass the FAA-administered exam can become licensed to fly drones for commercial purposes.

Various drone training programs have hit the marketplace since the FAA began offering the Remote Pilot Certification test in 2016; however, according to Erik Steiner, Dronegenuity’s Lead Product Manager and head of its training initiative, Dronegenuity is uniquely qualified to provide best-in-class, real-world, training. “Dronegenuity performs a large volume of commercial drone projects every day for our clients around the world; we’re not merely academics. I think our customers will appreciate receiving training from a company that has practical experience getting paid real money, by real customers, to perform the drone services students hope to someday provide.”

Lockdowns and social distancing measures enacted by local governments and municipalities since the COVID-19 onset have led to soaring unemployment numbers as hard-working Americans have been forced out of work, often at no fault of their own. The virtual class goes live at a time when schools across the nation have eschewed in-person lessons and lectures in favor of remote learning platforms, and while local laws and ordinances have limited large public gatherings and set limits for permissible group sizes.

The company believes this training course offering will help those who have lost income due to layoffs or reduced hours find another avenue for opportunity. “Adversity can breed innovation. The current economic climate could be a great time for new entrepreneurs to finally start that new business or side-hustle”, Steiner continued. Dronegenuity has seen unabated growth in demand for drone services such as commercial real estate photography, construction site monitoring, aerial surveying, and thermal imaging, despite the challenging economy. Dronegenuity students who pass the exam will have the opportunity to join the large and growing Dronegenuity pilot network, a group that includes thousands of pilots across the United States and 32 countries. When asked whether Dronegenuity will offer its courses internationally, Steiner replied, “The Part 107 Test Prep course is, by rule, a US-only class. But you should definitely stay tuned; we have some exciting news coming on that front very soon”.

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