Brytlyt releases version 5.0, introducing a more intuitive, intelligent and flexible analytics platform

by | Aug 2, 2023

LONDON – Brytlyt is a UK start-up with a GPU-accelerated analytics platform built on their world-beating database. Their high-performance visualisation tool has undergone a complete makeover and, after 18 months of continuous development, the new and improved version is now available on their website

Significant improvements have been made to the UX of the graphic user interface, adding brand new capabilities in Business Intelligence workflows. This takes the user experience to a new level and allows users flexibility that is not possible with other popular visualisation tools.


The latest updates to Brytlyt 5.0 

Exceptional user experience: Brytlyt collected feedback from users and worked extensively with UX experts to completely transform the interactivity and ease of use of the platform.

Mapping editor: The mapping editor has experienced the biggest changes. It is now easier to build, edit and navigate interactive charts. In particular, making improvements to visualising different layers of aggregation, so that looking at high level maps or drilling into granular data is seamless and understandable.

Chart creation: Users can draw from the library of charts within the platform. Anything a user wants to create is now possible.

Advanced scripting: Easier to use than before – frontend scripting is one of the most important Brytlyt features. Almost every field may be set not only by creators, drop-downs, and switches but also by a script. Brytlyt 5.0 provides script auto-generators, syntax suggestions, and multiple examples to create highly customised and responsive worksheets easier than ever before.

Data filtering: Important updates have been made to improve how users interact with the data filtering functionality, enabling faster time to insight.

In-app documentation – External documentation is useful, but outdated. In Brytlyt 5.0 users can alt-click any element and see the corresponding documentation fragment inside the application.

Serverless: Brytlyt’s visualisation tool is deployed on a serverless platform. Running in the cloud and easily accessible through a browser log in, users can now benefit from cost-effective, on-demand, and flexible GPU-powered data visualisation.

Augmented data science: Brytlyt have added, components for deep learning on structured data and the deployment of neural networks, supporting tight MLOps integration. The full version with integrated AI will be publicly available in the next release in 2023.

Speed of Thought Analytics

“Our aim is to empower Speed of Thought Analytics. This means empowering the user experience to be highly intuitive and productive when using our platform. For new and existing users, our developments are always focused on making their journey to meaningful insight as quick and easy as possible.” – Richard Heyns, Founder and CEO of Brytlyt

Brytlyt’s visualisation tool is built for a generation of analysts who want to do more, faster.

By increasing usability and availability of advanced tools, Brytlyt continues to push boundaries and claims to be the world’s fastest and most advanced analytics platform for large and complex data, particularly geospatial workloads. Creating an account at gives you all the tools you need to unlock a pathway to data-driven insight.

More exciting updates will be released throughout 2023 so follow Brytlyt on social channels to learn more.

About Brytlyt:

Brytlyt is an innovative and dynamic company with a clear mission – to empower organisations through transformational data analytics. At the heart of achieving this is delivering “Speed of Thought Analytics”.

By using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and patent-pending algorithms, their data processing engine is over 1,000 times faster than alternative technologies. Brytlyt’s technology been independently benchmarked as the fastest GPU database by Mark Litwintschik in his blog.

Using Brytlyt massively improves time-to-value for data analysts, supporting agile data-driven decision making, based on accurate analysis of the most recent data. Decision makers are empowered, building greater situational awareness and insight that can be easily shared with their peers.

Brytlyt is the only GPU database to cope with high-speed joins without affecting performance. The founder, Richard Heyns, has come from a retail analytics background, building Brytlyt from scratch to overcome the long query times experienced in big data analytics. The result is a database that returns queries instantly, with a visualization tool that keeps up with the pace.


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