Diamondback Land Surveying Team Introduces Get Kids into Survey Program to American Grade School Students

by | Sep 11, 2023

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA – Get Kids Into Survey, the UK-based STEM education project, has partnered with Las Vegas-based Diamondback Land Surveying to inspire and educate the next generation of American surveyors and geospatial professionals. Get Kids Into Survey’s goal is to see surveying and geospatial programs supported in public school curricula, combating the dwindling numbers of new talent entering the survey profession.

In the United Kingdom, 85 percent of surveyors have stated they are experiencing problems recruiting due to the lack of qualified applicants, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The US is seeing similar struggles: the number of surveyors decreased from 56,200 to 47,770 between 2010 and 2020, representing a decline of 14.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Founded in 2017 by Elaine and Elly Ball, daughters of a surveyor, the Get Kids Into Survey program aims to educate and spark excitement in students about career paths in geospatial and survey. The curriculum has seen industry-wide support and has proven hugely successful at engaging young people. As it continues to grow, Get Kids Into Survey is inviting wider support with franchises now available across the UK, the US, and Canada.

Diamondback Land Surveying Introduces Get Kids Into Survey to the US

Diamondback founder Trent Keenan will introduce and advocate for the project across 13 West Coast states, including Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and California.

“There are few – if any – geospatial programs offered in public schools today,” says Keenan. “Surveying is a critical career path, with professional surveyors required for everything from urban planning to infrastructure installation. Surveyors are needed for construction, forestry, mining, and so many other industries – and we have a shortage today that will only get worse as the number of projects increases.”

With educational resources, fun activities, posters, and comics that appeal to them at their level, Get Kids Into Survey speaks to children between the ages of 8-12 years old, showing them an exciting world that often isn’t highlighted as a potential career path.

“The greatest challenge is that young people don’t even know this career path exists – even with the expansion of STEM programs. By introducing Get Kids Into Survey to our public school students, we have an opportunity to share with them new potential career paths – exciting roles that they never even knew existed.

“I’m proud to be part of cultivating the next generation of surveyors and geospatial professionals.”

The materials offered by Get Kids Into Survey highlight examples of incredible achievements and milestones through history that wouldn’t have been possible without surveying. Engaging topics include the Egyptian pyramids, space exploration, Stonehenge, finding the Titanic, the study of volcanoes, the discovery of lost cities, and how these practices contributed to the development of best-selling computer games like Minecraft.

From a Single Poster to a Full Curriculum

Originally developed as a one-off poster to teach surveyors’ children about their parents’ jobs, the project rapidly expanded due to overwhelming demand. Materials now include more than 20 exploration posters, homework projects, and comics.

Currently, Get Kids Into Survey is the only targeted education program for elementary/ primary school children highlighting the opportunities and exciting careers that geospatial can offer for their future. With more than 160 ambassadors across the world, the next step is to bring on board franchise owners who can deliver the key learnings and messages in their regional territories and inspire young minds on a personal level.

Co-founder Elaine Ball commented, “If surveying as a profession becomes extinct, the world really is in trouble. Survey and geospatial underpins so much of the planet’s infrastructure, so it’s vital we inspire, educate, and attract the next generation of surveyors now! It’s always shocked me that the younger generation doesn’t get to see how exciting the world of geospatial and survey can be.”

She continued: “Since launching six years ago, we’ve had so much support within the survey and STEM industries for engaging young minds and we’re excited to see it go one step further. We’re looking for other advocates of the STEM subjects, early education instructors, and those working in the survey profession around the world to take up the opportunity to teach Get Kids Into Survey in their country or region by becoming a franchisee or an ambassador and to help us save the future of surveying.”

Teachers, school administrators, and survey professionals who wish to support the work of Get Kids Into Survey can visit https://www.getkidsintosurvey.com/ to learn more about the curriculum, become an ambassador, or inquire about a franchise.

About Get Kids Into Survey

Founded in 2017 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Get Kids Into Survey aims to inspire the next generation of surveyors by providing education and resources on everything geospatial. The aim is to inspire future geospatial experts between the ages of 8-12, to educate parents and teachers about surveying, and to solve the recruitment issue which is endemic in the industry. For more information, please visit www.getkidsintosurvey.com.

About Diamondback Land Surveying

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Diamondback Land Surveying is a trusted provider of accurate and innovative land surveying services. Our seasoned team of licensed surveyors combines expertise with advanced technology to deliver precise results for a diverse range of projects. Committed to our clients, we tailor our services to meet individual project needs, ensuring reliable data for confident decision-making. From boundary surveys to construction staking, we offer comprehensive solutions backed by integrity and professionalism. Learn more at www.diamondbacklandsurveying.com/

About Elaine Ball

Elaine Ball, “The Geospatial Marketer,” is the first in her field. Her company, Elaine Ball Ltd, is a dedicated business and marketing consultancy with a passion for improving the standards of the global geospatial industry. Elaine is the co-founder of Get Kids Into Survey. She is also the founder of The Geospatial Marketing Academy (GMA)™ an online porgram created help geospatial professionals understand how to learn, grow, and improve sales and marketing strategies within their businesses. Learn more at www.elaineball.co.uk


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