Digital Aerial Solutions Expands Imaging Capabilities with Third Leica ADS Digital Sensor

by | May 15, 2013

Norcross, Ga., May 7, 2013”Leica Geosystems Inc. today announced that Digital Aerial Solutions (DAS) LLC of Tampa, Fla., has purchased a Leica ADS80 (SH91) large-format digital imaging sensor to complement the two Leica ADS40 systems it currently operates. In addition to increasing DAS's overall imagery collection capacity, the Leica ADS80 will enable the firm to expand into other end user markets requiring higher resolution imagery.

We selected the Leica ADS80 because the reliability and performance we have achieved from our two Leica ADS40s has been excellent, said Mona Kristensen, DAS Vice President and Co-Owner. We needed a third imaging sensor to meet our expanded acquisition commitments to the USDA supporting its National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) and the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Geospatial Product and Service Contracts (GPSC).

The Leica ADS80 is a large-format, multispectral digital sensor that offers superior flexibility, productivity, efficiency and reliability. Compared to its predecessors in the Leica ADS sensor series, the Leica ADS80 has less weight, is equipped with an improved control unit with a greater data throughput performance, and has a removable solid state memory allowing for acquisition of higher spatial resolution data at faster aircraft ground speeds.

It is a constant challenge for us to balance between purchasing new technologies, maintaining highly automated image processing workflows, and operating efficiently while still delivering quality data products.  With delivery of the new ADS80 sensor scheduled for May, acquiring higher-resolution data will expand our business activity in the traditional photogrammetric mapping and remote sensing markets, said Mike Wasielewski, DAS Vice President and General Manager.

Established as a small, veteran-owned business in 2003, DAS is a Leica shop from its airborne acquisition hardware through to its data processing and product generation software. DAS owns and operates a Leica ALS60 airborne laser scanner (LiDAR) and two Leica ADS40s large-format digital cameras which have been upgraded to the SH51 and SH52 sensor head configurations. The firm owns and operates three twin-engine pressurized Cessna aircraft that will be deployed simultaneously to support NAIP and support other large-area mapping projects.

The Leica ADS80 (SH91) system gives DAS a clear path to upgrade to the Leica ADS100 in the future, said Jean Gardiner, General Manager of Leica Geospatial Solutions Americas. In the meantime, the Leica ADS80 will fit seamlessly into the image processing and orthorectification workflow that DAS has established.

Digital Aerial Solutions LLC (

Digital Aerial Solutions (DAS), Tampa, Florida, provides high-resolution digital aerial imagery for photogrammetric mappping, GIS, engineering and land use applications. DAS acquired its first Leica ADS40 large-format imaging system in 2003 and a second system in 2005. The company was a pioneer with the introduction of an all end-to-end digital imaging and processing system to the US geospatial market.

In 2009, DAS added the Leica ALS60 LiDAR system to its capability supporting topographic, flood plane mapping, storm water and natural resource management applications. The LiDAR projects conform to USGS LiDAR, FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping and ASPRS Guidelines.

DAS is a Small Veteran-Owned Business licensed as a Florida Professional Survey and Maping company.

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