Good Call as T-Mobile Take Delivery of First Drone From Aerialtronics

June 30, 2015 — Telecoms ​companies can save time and significant operation costs when inspecting mobile communication towers with drones, according to Jeffrey Leentjes, network specialist at T-Mobile. T-Mobile, who took delivery of the Altura Zenith UAV system...

UAS Company Profiles Highlight Drone Differences

UAS Company Profiles Highlight Drone Differences

This article was based on conversations with representatives of eight companies in the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry. The following company profiles explore some of the technical aspects and challenges of using UAS technology for mapping.

Folding Drone Inspired by Origami

Folding Drone Inspired by Origami

A prototype drone, built by researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, uses folds inspired by origami. The tiny quadcopter drone could be released quickly in large numbers in a disaster zone to assess damage and contact survivors.

Motorola Solutions Invests in Drone Maker CyPhy Works

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Mar 16, 2015—Motorola Solutions has made a strategic investment in CyPhy Works, a leading developer of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. Founded by Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, CyPhy Works has developed a...

XactSense is First to Fly Velodyne's New Low-Cost LIDAR Puck”

Providence, Rhode Island, March 02, 2015—XactSense Inc. has developed a new platform for low-altitude aerial mapping using the newly released Velodyne LIDAR VLP-16 “Puck”. Drone LIDAR mapping for the masses is here. The new multi-laser puck builds on...


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