SATELLITE IMAGERY: Elevating Insight Three Powerful Ways GeoEye Introduces New Information Services Business Line

by | Mar 1, 2011

The GeoEye-1 satellite collected this half-meter resolution image of Black Rock Desert, Nev., on Sept. 1, 2010. The image features Burning Man, an annual event held in the northern Nevada desert.

GeoEye, Inc., a premier provider of superior satellite and aerial imagery, location information products and image processing services, has introduced a new Information Services business line to join its existing Imagery Collection and Production Services lines of business. Information Services is designed to synthesize location intelligence and services with the tools to help its users make the complex business decisions that lead to insight on demand.

Information Services will deliver managed services that provide enterprise access to secure, timely and accurate geospatial information. GeoEye created this new line of business to provide its customers with global on-demand access to imagery and related information products over the Web. GeoEye's new Web-based dissemination service, EyeQ, will provide the core infrastructure for this new geospatial Information Services business.

GeoEye unveiled EyeQ at its Global Partner Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, in June and at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, Calif., in July. Feedback from its partners was exceptionally positive.

EyeQ Functionality
EyeQ combines imagery products with on-demand tools for managing geospatial information and project-based collaboration. With EyeQ, customers can search, organize and share geospatial data while reducing the total cost of ownership. By hosting the data and providing an easy-to-use user interface, EyeQ allows nontechnical as well as advanced users to interact with geospatial data.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is the first major customer for EyeQ. Information Services began hosting NGA's Rapid Delivery of Online Geospatial Intelligence (RDOG) program in early spring 2010. Based on user feedback and the early success of RDOG powered by EyeQ, GeoEye expanded EyeQ's capability and released version 2.0 in June. The 2.0 platform provides the scalability, expandability and rapid insertion of new services to meet near-term user requirements and longer range business objectives, including GeoEye commercial services.
This Web service is an exciting growth platform for the company and for its partners.  Information Services also will deliver EyeQ as part of the EnhancedView contract, which the NGA awarded GeoEye in August. The contract is worth up to $3.8 billion over the next 10 years.

Additional Business Lines

Information Services joins GeoEye's other two successful business lines, Imagery Collection and Production Services.

Imagery Collection currently is GeoEye's largest business line. GeoEye's imagery products serve worldwide market demand for imagery and information products to map, measure and monitor the Earth for national security, emergency response, environmental assessment, mining and oil and gas markets, the forestry industry and much more.
Through its advanced Production Services business line, GeoEye processes raw data from a wide range of both government and commercial imaging satellites and then merges the source images into precise value-added geospatial products to meet the need and increasing demand for better accuracy.

From imagery collection, to production, and now dissemination, GeoEye is building on two decades of expertise and elevating insight in three powerful ways, now and into the future.

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