Providing a Secure Print Environment for Sensitive Data

by | Oct 4, 2012

Printing and Display

Protecting sensitive data throughout the workflow is a key consideration for public-sector institutions, commercial business and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) professionals. Often overlooked when dealing with securing such data is the output process via large-format printing.

IRG Plotters & Printers recognizes that organizations go to great lengths to protect the most important, confidential and sensitive data on their networks. To address this critical need, IRG offers a technology solution that allows users to confidently protect the print data residing on their printers while maintaining throughput and performance: the HP high-performance, self-encrypting drive (SED).

The SED, which is available on select HP Designjet printers, ensures that print data automatically are encrypted each time data are written to the drive. The SED provides an additional layer of security for all of your printed files, reducing the risk of tampering or unauthorized access to the data. With an SED installation, workgroups can safely store and print their most sensitive data over a secure network.

The following SED features combine to offer the highest level of data security while maintaining printer performance and reliability.

Secure Valuable Information. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) reduces the risk of stolen data, so you can be confident your information is safe.AES technology provides trust that the printer's hard drive data aren't readable if the hard disk is removed from the device. The SED supportsAES128 encryption, following the FIPS 140-2 level-2 (tamper-evident-sticker compliant) requirement.

Protect Your Investment. The HP high-performance SED is immediately protected by encryption with no impact on performance and reliability. In the unlikely event of a disk failure, the encrypted hard disk can be replaced with one that features a new password exclusively for that printer. Many HP Care Packs also include defective media retention, allowing the user to retain the defective hard drive and media rights.

Easily Manage Sensitive Data. With an SED-equipped HP Designjet printer, there's no need to activate any settings or perform any action to encrypt the content. The SED is protected with an ATA password, unique for each printer and changeable when required.

High-Performance Displays and Workstations Enhance Productivity

In addition to its world-class HP Designjet printers, IRG offers a full product line of affordable, no-compromise HP high-performance workstations and displays. HP workstations are packed with reliability and professional-class features, starting at prices that rival traditional desktop PCs.

HP displays are best in class, comprising advanced user-comfort features that include extra-wide viewing angles, extra-bright screens, enhanced connectivity from DisplayPort,DVI, built-inUSBports and more. They're tested on HP Workstation systems using workstation-class graphics to provide top performance for workstation users.

Microsoft researchers, while studying work efficiency patterns, discovered that using multiple displays can boost productivity by as much as 50 percent. Additional screen area, either in the form of multiple displays or larger displays, can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. Larger display screen size and the use of multiple displays show more data, applications and visualizations at full native resolution with less scrolling or tabbing.

IRG creates client success by delivering solutions based on technology, practice and policy, a sustainable strategy that provides concrete results. Discover why the HP Designjet Portfolio is ahead of the technological curve and how IRG can assist you in determining the best solution for your business. IRG is a service-connected, disabled-veteran-owned small business; a public-sector, higher-education and federal-specialist partner; and HP Partner Specialist Graphic Specialist Design (GSD) and Graphic Specialist Commercial (GSC) accredited.

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