ONLINE IMAGERY: Intelligence on Demand Offers Online Access to Imagery and Analytics

by | Mar 1, 2011

Intelligence on Demand offers Web-based tools to support mission planning, disaster response, and command and control.

Dozens of U.S. government agencies rely on sophisticated mapping and imagery to support their operations. But for many of the organizations within these agencies, it's not practical to purchase and maintain a multimillion dollar server infrastructure to house terabytes of high-resolution imagery.

For organizations looking for affordable, instant access to imagery, Lockheed Martin offers Intelligence on Demand, a new Web portal developed in collaboration with Pictometry International Corp. that delivers a complete library of imagery and analytical tools for a flat monthly subscription fee.

With Intelligence on Demand, users can:
¢Access a library of more than 100 million high-
resolution images for a flat monthly fee.
¢Log in from any Web browser and download the imagery they need, when they need it, from anywhere.
¢Conduct advanced analysis and exploitation with
built-in tools.
¢Reduce costs by avoiding large capital investment in servers and image libraries.
¢Get new imagery and features instantly via the network”no need to download or manage a software baseline.

Dynamic Features
Intelligence on Demand offers instant, secure, affordable access to the geospatial intelligence you need.

Unique Data Sets: Intelligence on Demand is the only trusted service to offer ultra high-resolution images from Pictometry, which takes imagery from airplanes at an oblique angle, rather than straight down like traditional imagery. The result is imagery with up to four-inch resolution that can be used to create photo-realistic virtual models of landscapes that are rich, pinpoint-precise, and capable of powerful geospatial analysis. Lockheed Martin will add more data sets from other providers in the future.

Sophisticated Analysis Tools: Built-in online tools let users perform advanced geospatial analysis, such as measuring precise heights and distances in three dimensions, determining lines of sight, and mapping out operations in three dimensions. The service also includes advanced collaboration tools and unique applications for comparing and exploiting imagery. More than just data, Intelligence on Demand offers Web-based tools to support mission planning, disaster response, and command and control.

Real-World Applications
Users in a wide range of application areas rely on Intelligence on Demand to plan and conduct their operations.

Law Enforcement: From initial surveillance planning through arrest and prosecution, Intelligence on Demand helps law enforcement officers plan and coordinate operations with speed and precision. The system's built-in analysis tools and unique, high-resolution imagery make it easy to collaboratively map out a surveillance strategy. Intuitive imagery gives officers a better picture of the lay of the land, potential obstacles, sight lines and surrounding buildings. Intelligence on Demand supports collaborative mission planning for raids and arrests. The system can then be used for after-action reports and in jury presentations to illustrate the location of key evidence.

Defense and Security Operations: With powerful planning and analysis tools, Intelligence on Demand supports physical security planning at military bases and government installations nationwide. The system's rich imagery gives planners insight into potential vulnerabilities and how to address them. Planning tools help map out a wide spectrum of crisis response scenarios in vivid and collaborative detail.

Environmental Analysis: Intelligence on Demand supports environmental monitoring and analysis for federal agencies. Whether assessing damage from a storm or monitoring compliance with federal regulations, Intelligence on Demand provides the detailed imagery and built-in tools to help officials analyze a wide range of environmental issues. New imagery can be rapidly collected at the customer's request, enabling change detection analysis and in-depth assessments of damage from natural disasters.

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