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An aerial image of downtown Austin, Texas, demonstrates Sanborn's oblique imagery solution, which allows users to see multiple aerial views of any location.

Sanborn is a 21st century geospatial industry leader in aerial imagery acquisition, processing and data management. With a fleet of nine highly efficient turbine aircraft, multiple aerial imagery acquisition platforms, 1.6 petabytes of storage, 1,200 CPUs for geospatial data processing, and an expert technical staff of more than 125 (including engineers, surveyors, photogrammetrists, GIS specialists, and PMP project managers), we deliver imagery data with stated accuracies you can trust.

In addition to a suite of orthoimagery products and services, Sanborn now offers oblique imagery, employing five individual digital cameras to capture oblique and nadir (straight-down) views. This imagery solution provides geospatially accurate data and the ability to measure and analyze all sides of a structure or ground feature.

Providing high-value data for applications ranging from traditional ground surveys to advanced Web-based information platforms and state-of-the-art 3-D visualization systems, Sanborn delivers total geospatial solutions for customers worldwide. For more information on how we can help make your next geospatial project a success, visit us at


Sanborn imagery products and services can accommodate technical requirements for projects such as:

¢ Annual base map update

¢ Planimetric feature extraction

¢ Image analysis

¢ GIS base layer/land base

¢ Post-incident management

¢ Engineering design

¢ Asset management

¢ Municipal and government maps

¢ Right-of-way mapping

¢ Alignment mapping

¢ Public and private land development

¢ Urban planning

¢ 2-D/3-D change detection

¢ Watershed management

¢ Geography

¢ Landscape architecture

¢ Agriculture/crop science

¢ Environmental assessment

¢ DSM/DTM from stereo imagery

¢ 3-D city modeling










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