American Aerospace

by | Mar 20, 2013

1279 Gulph Creek Drive
Radnor, PA 19087


American Aerospace Advisors Inc. (AAAI) is leading the way in the civilian uses of long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technology, offering commercial UAS flight services, RS-16â„¢ UAS Mission Systems, interoperable Mobile Operations Centers (iMOCsâ„¢) and our state-of-the-art Real-Time Multispectral HD Tactical Mapping Payloads. Our Tactical Mapping Payloads are designed to operate on manned and unmanned aircraft with a quick change in mounting configuration.

From wildland fire monitoring to mapping utility corridors, from precision agriculture to oil spill
remote sensing, from airborne science to emergency management, AAAI's Airborne Systems Group delivers economical, high-performance mission systems, support systems and payloads as well as safe and effective flight services. Capabilities include:

¢ Long endurance
¢ Tactically taskable
¢ Multi-payload capable
¢ Ideal for dull, dirty and dangerous missions”without putting pilots in harm's way
¢ Day and night operations
¢ Rapidly deployable
¢ Operation from unimproved surfaces (runway not required)
¢ Medium-altitude capable


¢ Large coverage area
¢ High-precision flight profiles
¢ Small signature
¢ Cost competitive
¢ Small crew size
¢ Network compatible
¢ Real-time dissemination


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