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Ever wondered what Geoinformatics was? It’s a thing!

Geoinformatics has other names – Geographic Information Science and GIS. No matter how you see it, GIS has become a growing field in the technology industry. So, it’s no surprise that many universities in the United States are jumping onto this bandwagon of technology and information.

This article will not only explore what Geoinformatics (GIS) is, but will also show you some of the best universities to attend, should you pursue this lucrative career. Check them out!

What Is GIS?

GIS involves vigorous research on spatial technologies by integrating said technologies with real-world problems that have to do with spatial analysis. Here, you’ll learn the foundational theory and principles that come with GIS, along with Geography.

As you can see, Geography is a catalyst of GIS, since information is everywhere. Whether information is used in medicine, science, social sciences, humanities, engineering, etc. GIS is there to help students discover the things that need to be solved, and where. Here, students will apply theory and research to solve real-world problems.

Does all this sound amazing? Then you’re in luck!

Here are 7 of the best universities to attend for a Master’s in Geoinformatics:

Florida State University

“Florida State University caters to students who want a Masters in GIS,” says Beau Tilly, a writer at Paper Fellows and State Of Writing. “In their program, students can experience GIS, remote sensing, and geostatistical analysis through intense computer labs and the use of relevant software.”

Hunter College

Hunter College also offers a Masters in GeoInformatics. What makes this school unique in particular is its hands-on training to get students job-ready post-graduation. Whether you’re pursuing academia, business, or government as a career, Hunter will show you the various technologies that contribute to GIS.

As you pursue this degree, you’ll learn about remote sensing, modeling and programming, big data, and so on. With these lessons, you’ll also be exposed to discussions and topics on transportation, urban environment, crime and health, human and animal mobility, etc.

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University offers a Master’s degree in GIS. This school realizes the growing potential in GIS; and so, their program offers the labs, the projects, the exposure, etc. to GIS.

One of the most prestigious schools in the U.S., you’ll need to satisfy certain conditions when applying, including acceptable Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores, letters of recommendation from academic or professional references, and a baccalaureate degree in Geography (or closely related discipline) from an accredited four-year institution.

John Hopkins University

This university realizes how groundbreaking GIS is. In their Master’s program in GIS, students will learn how to organize, analyze, and share spatial information to others. This school will make students job-ready, as they pursue lucrative careers such as science, community, and government, just to name a few.

University Of Arizona

Not only does this university offer GIS classes, but they also offer a Master’s and certificate (the Professional GIS Technology Certificate) in Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIST). As such, this school provides job training for students. From experimenting with GISystems to integrating GIScience with academics, students will be trained to understand and implement GIS in real-world scenarios.

University Of Colorado Denver

“CU Denver’s Business School has something great for students pursuing Geoinformatics and GIS,” says Archie Merion, a journalist at College Paper and Essayroo. “A Masters in Information Systems provides you with a blend of technology and strategy, including GIS. From technical concepts to information technology, you can pursue this degree, regardless if you’re going into Cybersecurity or Business Intelligence. The program allows you to take on various software projects, and to understand how powerful business technology can be.”

University Of North Alabama College Of Arts And Sciences

Finally, the University of North Alabama also offers a Master’s in GIS. This program aims to teach students the ins and outs of GIS, while having them do hands-on projects. Such projects involve implementing practical applications of geospatial tools and other related technologies. The purpose of their hands-on training will be to solve real-world problems with effective geographic and technological answers.

Wrap Up

Now, while there are many other universities besides these 7, it’s clear that the U.S. will continue to profess the miracles and promise of Geoinformatics. If this sounds like an interesting field, we hope that you’ll consider one of these great schools for your GIS endeavors.

Work hard, study hard and, more importantly… HAVE FUN!


Lauren Groff is a writer and editor at Coursework Help and Write My Paper. She is also a contributing editor at Essay Writer. As a resume writer, she specializes in writing engineering, business analysis, and coding resumes. In her spare time, she reads books on coding and engineering, and she relaxes with yoga and music. 


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