XYO Network Levels Up with Launch of 2.0 Version

by | Mar 2, 2022

SAN DIEGO –XYO, a blockchain project creating location-data software and devices to empower users to participate in the worldwide digital economy, is pleased to unveil the next generation of its technology, XYO Network 2.0. Designed to embrace evolving blockchain paradigms and based on the company's own experience and extensive research, XYO 2.0 aims to evolve XYO into a more dynamic platform, enabling a simplified, seamless experience for projects built in the network.

This significant upgrade will combine the ease of Web2 with the security of decentralized cryptography. While many blockchain companies rely on purely decentralized technologies for their products, XYO 2.0 blends the ease of familiar data structures and development paradigms, like JSON, APIs, and SDKs, with the complexities of blockchain cryptography. With this launch, XYO aims to accelerate adoption of both its proprietary technology and blockchain overall.

XYO 2.0 will enable developers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to integrate XYO into their projects quickly and easily. Within minutes, developers are able to set up their own XYO cloud environments and start developing with XYO.

We are delighted to launch the next generation of the XYO Network, said Arie Trouw, co-founder of XYO. This deployment is a huge step in the right direction for XYO adoption as developers of all experience levels are now invited to participate in the network. XYO 2.0 is crypto made simple.

Key Benefits of XYO 2.0 Include:

  • An integration-first development approach, allowing members across teams to implement and benefit from XYO quickly
  • No requirements for cryptocurrency or blockchain knowledge, enabling users to interact with XYO on day one
  • Deployment of XYO technology across a wide range of industries, with numerous solutions and use cases

XYO 2.0 comes at a significant time for the company, following the recent announcement of a strategic $20 million co-investment with Outliers Fund to develop and accelerate projects building in XYO Network.

For further information, please visit xyo.network.

About XYO and XY Labs

XY Labs, the company behind XYO, is a tech startup in California with a mission to create software and location-data-driven devices to build a global data network focused on people's digital relationship to the physical world. XY Labs' products include the COIN app, XY Find It, and XYO Network. With over four million downloads for the XYO-enabled application COIN, users around the world can participate in the XYO Network and even be rewarded for doing so.


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