WordStat 7.1: Geospatial Intelligence Meets Text Analytics

by | Dec 16, 2015

December 16, 2015  Provalis Research announces today the release of a new version of its powerful text analytics software, WordStat 7.1. The software release includes a geographic information system (GIS) mapping and data editing module, allowing businesses to obtain insightful geospatial intelligence. This innovative module provides users with the ability to create a wide range of maps out of pure text data.

The analysis of unstructured text data with geographic affinity poses some challenges when an organization is seeking to obtain insightful results. The implementation of tools currently on the market is a complex process that usually requires in-depth geographic information science (GIS) knowledge, says Normand Péladeau, Provalis Research's CEO. Our objective was to allow text analysts to easily perform spatial distribution analysis taking into account multiple variables.

Geospatial analysis requires geographic coordinates.  For situations where exact latitude and longitude are not available, Provalis Research's product offers an integrated geocoding web service that converts location names, postal codes and IP addresses into geographic coordinates.

The geospatial intelligence module enables users to create three different types of maps, based on geocoding data in a simple, fast and user-friendly manner. Interactive maps show data points, which can easily be filtered or annotated to highlight the required information. Distribution, or choropleth maps represent statistical variables using color-coding, and heat maps allow users to visualize data point density. Conveniently, WordStat 7.1 has the ability to animate a sequence of map results in order to demonstrate changing results over time, or any relationship with another numerical variable, creating a video-like presentation.

The benefits of WordStat 7.1's geospatial analysis module span across a wide range of industries. The tool empowers analysts with the unique ability to produce efficiently plausible visual displays within one analytical process that enables decision makers to get a quick grasp on analytic results with geographic references, says Dr. Uwe Ewald, Director of the International Justice Analysis Forum. The mapping outcome is generated in seconds or just a few minutes, eliminating the need to rely on geospatial experts or additional GIS-software, adds Dr. Ewald.

Using WordStat 7.1, retailers can determine where and when most of their sales occur. Customer service divisions can profile their clients' support needs based on trends emerging from certain geographic locations. Insurance firms, municipalities and law enforcement departments can visually represent the spatial distribution of incidents or crimes in relation to location, time or any other numerical variable.

If you are a current WordStat 7.0 user, you can upgrade to WordStat 7.1 for free and enjoy the geospatial intelligence module right away. To find out more about WordStat 7.1, please visit the Provalis Research WordStat What's New page. For a geospatial intelligence demonstration, contact us.

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