Underwater Drone Technology Added to Drone Nerds Enterprise Offerings

by | Mar 16, 2022

Dania Beach, FL – Enterprise drone solutions provider, Drone Nerds, has announced the launch of the Chasing M Series and Chasing M2 Pro underwater drones in its professional solutions package for industry customers. 

Developed and fabricated by Chasing, a leading underwater drone manufacturer, the M Series and M2 Pro submarine drones are designed to perform underwater research, inspections, and scientific exploration. Chasing submarine drones can monitor aquaculture operations, providing real-time data and video monitoring. This allows fish farms to determine animal health and adjust water conditions accordingly. 

The Chasing M2 Pro is a light industrial underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), designed exclusively for industrial applications and professional users. It operates with various power supplies and has stronger powered motors which help the ROV navigate up to 150 meters (490 ft.) below the surface. 

The Chasing Series comes with exclusive accessories, designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. Chasing's Diving Light and Laser Scaler can illuminate deep-sea areas, measure distance underwater, or determine the size of cracks or fissures of watercraft hulls. These drones are also compatible with Multibeam Sonar equipment, used to detect objects and map seafloors, and monitor underwater seismic events. 

It's exciting to see the uses of submarine drones in various fields”scientists can track earthquakes and warn people of tsunami threats hours or even days prior. These drones grant us the capacity to save lives and help our environment, states Jeremy Schneiderman, Drone Nerds CEO. 

With its high-tech features and accessories, the Chasing M2 Pro drone is used for shipwreck investigation, search and rescue, and crime scene item recovery. By adding Chasing underwater ROV products, Drone Nerds continues to expand its enterprise solutions to satisfy the needs of organizations across a span of multiple industries.



About Drone Nerds: Drone Nerds provides comprehensive drone solutions for enterprise, private, and recreational needs. Established in 2014, Drone Nerds focuses on ensuring that its customers have the right UAV solution for their unique operational needs. With its proprietary Always Flying™ program, Drone Nerds provides reliability and assurance for enterprise implementations across industry verticals, including public safety, government, agriculture, construction, energy, inspection, and more. For more information, visit www.enterprise.dronenerds.com.


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