Unacast Launches Location Intelligence Platform Powered by Machine Learning

by | May 25, 2023

NEW YORK – Unacast today announced the availability of Unacast Insights, a powerful new location intelligence platform for real estate investors, retailers, and marketers who want to understand how people move around the United States and within specific locations of interest.

The Unacast Insights platform helps users interact with migration and demographic trends at the state, city, and zip code level, and understand foot traffic patterns across particular venues or points of interest. With these insights, companies can easily understand performance within their current store mix or investment portfolios, while quickly determining the best location for future investment properties or store placements.

“Population movements, shifting area demographics, and changing foot traffic patterns have significant impact on investment, development, and site location decisions,” said Jonathon Schuster, Chief Product Officer at Unacast. “For years we’ve seen companies use generalized models to try to provide these kinds of insights for their clients. But, truly understanding human behavior in the physical world requires specific, high quality, privacy-safe data modeling paired with technology like machine learning to defend against the instability we see across the GPS location data industry.”

The datasets that power Unacast Insights are different in that they use both a GPS data aggregation model and a novel machine learning model with a multitude of features to determine location visitation statistics and insights. When validated against ground truth data, Unacast’s models recorded an R-Squared of 91.6% or higher, which is widely considered best-in-class. With Unacast Insights, users can ensure that they’re getting the most stable and accurate results in the industry, and that their investment in the platform will pay dividends for years to come. 

Unacast Insights bridges the gap between simply having the data and realizing its value. It’s a no-code, easy-to-use tool and it is very smart,” said Schuster, adding, “With Insights, you can quickly find the next hot market, analyze store metrics, and instantly get charts, images and maps that you can easily download and share in presentations.”

To learn more about Unacast Insights, please visit us here.

About Unacast 

Unacast provides the most accurate understanding of human activity in the physical world for retailers, real estate investors, consultancies, software analytics firms, and multinational organizations. Our Data-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings provide customers with clean, filtered insights to make better strategic decisions on a global scale. Visit us at unacast.com


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