TomTom Leads Automotive Charge Towards Electric Future with Enhanced EV Technology Suite

by | May 21, 2021

  • TomTom unveils new super-accurate EV range prediction for in-dash navigation
  • TomTom EV suite now includes extensive EV routing and range features, an industry-leading number of EV charging points, and battery pre-conditioning support for optimized charging
  • First EVs equipped with latest technology suite to hit the road around the globe this year

AMSTERDAM – TomTom (TOM2) today reinforced its commitment to a cleaner world by driving the EV revolution forward together with partners and innovative technology. TomTom has unveiled a roster of enhancements to its electric vehicle (EV) suite including upgraded range and routing features, and industry-leading data on charging points. This follows today's announcements of collaboration with Hubject and Eco-Movement “ that will improve the EV driving experience. The new TomTom Routing and Range will be available in select electric models from TomTom customers already later this year via an over-the-air-update, and will be further enhanced with the introduction of the cloud-native TomTom Navigation for Automotive.

If we want a future with cleaner air, we need to drive the electric vehicle revolution from the front. That means reducing the barriers to people choosing electric vehicles and having a 360° approach to EVs that differentiates us from the competition, said Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. It's no surprise that our extensive suite of deeply-integrated EV location-enabled technologies continues to be selected by leading automakers to power this EV revolution.

TomTom's EV range prediction factors in current and maximum battery level, driving speed, road type and gradient, as well as historic and real-time traffic data. While many electric models' range prediction fluctuates greatly, overestimating and then underestimating range by more than 30%, TomTom has demonstrated with a partner OEM single-digit range accuracy for a 180 km trip. This super accurate EV range prediction, elegantly visualized on TomTom's map, will provide drivers with a new-found assurance on how far their car will get them.

A full charge is not always enough for a long trip. Knowing when and where to charge and for how long can be very complex. TomTom's latest long-distance EV routing automatically provides drivers with optimized routes based on the range and recharging behavior of the vehicle, the traffic situation on the road, and real-time charging point information from TomTom's industry-leading charging point database. Recharging typically doesn't happen at the same speed, meaning multiple shorter stops might be faster. TomTom's routing for EVs offers drivers a seamless experience, calculated in the blink of an eye, that gets the driver to their destination fastest, whether inside or outside of range for a single charge.

TomTom Navigation for Automotive is TomTom's latest navigation solution. It is a hybrid solution that offers deeper vehicle integration than ever before. For EVs, this solution brings the advantage of supporting functions like battery pre-conditioning with information on upcoming charging. This allows the vehicle to prepare its battery for optimal fast-charging performance, helping users spend less time waiting at a fast-charger, improving battery life, and lowering total costs of ownership.

As with TomTom Navigation for Automotive, TomTom's EV suite is available as easy-to-use APIs for simple companion app and webpage integration, enabling OEMs and e-mobility partners to build consistent, branded experiences.

Drivers can also find available EV charging points on the TomTom GO Navigation app (available for download via Google PlayApp Store and Huawei AppGallery), and on TomTom's newest and most powerful sat nav: the TomTom GO Discover.

About TomTom:

At TomTom we're mapmakers, providing location technology for drivers, carmakers, enterprises and developers.

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