Think Power Solutions Introduces Storm Assessment Service

by | Feb 10, 2021

Tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and ice storms can wreak havoc and leave massive damage in their wake on transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines. Think Power Solutions' storm assessment service is a unique offering that includes resources that are easily mobilized to supplement restoration efforts with experienced personnel equipped with real time reporting technology tools.

Storm assessment services include:

  • Initial Outage Investigations: The initial investigation allows for the naming of the geography and the sites affected after a storm.
  • Preliminary Damage Assessments: These include collecting information about knowns hazards of work area, vicinity map with access points, drone footage for evaluation, a listing of affected roadways, transmission and distribution lines, and initial notations of any structural damage.
  • Detailed Damage Assessments: These include in-depth foundation, hardware, equipment and structure damage evaluations.
  • Restoration Assessments: Information about material estimates, required restoration materials such as mats, construction entrances, pipeline crossings, culverts and gates, vegetation concerns, and restoration-level inspections are also supplied during the construction phase.
  • Construction Oversight and Inspections: Qualified, well-trained and supervised material coordinators, drone operators, substation, distribution and line construction oversight personnel.

When an unexpected storm blows through your facility, damaging equipment and structures, Think Power Solutions' new storm assessment service can help. We have the infrastructure that allows us to be mobile and ready to inspect our customers' infrastructures to evaluate the damage and recommend what needs replacement, said Hari Vasudevan, CEO and founder of Think Power Solutions. Our storm assessment service will continue to accelerate digital transformation in the industry while having human capital as the core of our business strategy. We look forward to serving our customers and their rate payers when they need us most during times of natural disasters.

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