The Cloud Ingenuity solution transforms Wi-Fi infrastructure into a strategic business asset with valuable location data

by | Apr 13, 2022

CARROLLTON, Texas, April 13, 2022  – Cloud Ingenuity, a solutions integrator focused on driving simplicity through digital modernization, today announced the launch of their Location Services application which enables wayfinding, asset tracking, and valuable business driving location data for enhanced user experience. Partnered with Juniper Networks, a leader in artificial intelligence-driven networking, the Cloud Ingenuity app leverages Juniper Wireless Services driven by Mist AI to elevate businesses Wi-Fi infrastructures into a strategic asset. The Location Services app is available to download on the Apple Store at

Enterprises are relying on the network for nearly every aspect of their business. User experience for your customers and employees has a direct business impact in the form of brand damage or reduced productivity. As the edge of the network is upgraded to the AI Driven Enterprise from Juniper, the potential to leverage this powerful data set to drive business impact becomes more and more possible in today’s modern infrastructures.  

Basic Wi-Fi access allows users limited connectivity and provides no value other than a connection onto the network. IT teams have been unaware of the resulting poor performance of legacy Wi-Fi infrastructures due to the lack of visibility. Cloud Ingenuity’s solution provides your users or customers a modern, interactive experience while providing the business valuable data on user location for marketing, density, physical security, and improved user experience. Paired with AI-powered networking, businesses enhance user experience and IT support productivity with improved visibility into people and asset locations. Rewind capabilities also allow users to see the history of people and device locations on the network. 

Organizations are looking for innovative ways to deliver a high-touch experience for their visitors. The Cloud Ingenuity app enables facilities to deliver the following:  

  • Wayfinding for visitors and/or end users for a modern, interactive experience 
  • Improved Wi-Fi experience while maximizing the ROI of your investment in Wi-Fi 
  • Accurate people and asset location and proximity data to provide valuable behavior insights into end users or customers 

“As a former CTO of a Fortune 100 company, we could have improved the productivity of our Wi-Fi resources, shown our Executives better return on our investment, and delivered a better end user experience all in the same effort,” said Suzanne Kosub, CEO at Cloud Ingenuity.  

“Having built this solution by directly engaging with our customer base, and having so much experience in delivering and managing networks; we’ve addressed a known gap in the market that will allow businesses to modernize experience along with technology,” said Charlie Bollom, CRO of Cloud Ingenuity. 

Use Cases:

  • Now a student on campus can quickly find their way to class with directions and parking recommendations  
  • A doctor can quickly be located within a hospital for emergency surgery, or to save a life 
  • Store owners can see which customers visited the store each day and where they spent their time. They can use these results to customize offers for customers.  
  • Shoppers can alert a sales specialist or a manager to their location for help. 
  • School districts have valuable insight into fire drills, active shooter exercises, and the ability to understand where students are 

About Cloud Ingenuity 

Cloud Ingenuity is a trusted partner in technology that focuses on Business, Architectural and Organizational outcomes by aligning People, Process, Technology and Data. In addition, they provide the strategic vision and expertise needed to keep your technology investments relative and agile across 5 key tenants: Multi-cloud, Security, Network, Collaboration, and Visibility. Cloud Ingenuity delivers lower operating expenses with a higher level of integration that transforms the user experience. Learn more at


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