Suntuity AirWorks, the UAV and drone services division of the Suntuity Group of companies, has announced the launch of a new Dealer Program that services the ever-expanding needs of industries and businesses that can benefit greatly from ground-breaking drone technology solutions. By utilizing Suntuity's global financing, technology and procurement capabilities, Suntuity AirWorks is well-positioned to service dealers with deliverables including drone financing, sales, operations and delivery for both residential and commercial markets across the US.

Suntuity AirWorks dealers can now bring value to their customers through the use of Suntuity's drones-as-a-service program, said Josh Kneifel, VP of Operations at Suntuity AirWorks. This is just the tip of the iceberg for delivering and maintaining drone and UAV services across dozens of industries.

The Suntuity AirWorks Dealership Program is available in different tiers depending on the capabilities of each partner. These include authorized, advanced and elite-level Dealerships in addition to a nationwide network of Suntuity AirWorks Certified Partners for training, service delivery and O&M.

Certified training is available through the Suntutiy AirWorks Academy, an institution that provides drone and UAV certification training with physical access to platforms and payloads across a spectrum of industry verticals. The Academy itself was established specifically to offer this level of in-depth training to new Partners and Dealers so that they can maximize the success of their business.

About Suntuity AirWorks
Suntuity AirWorks is the UAV and Drone services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies, with service offerings in multiple countries and across the US. Its hardware and software platforms deliver state of the art industry-specific solutions from DJI, FLIR, Berkley and other reputable organizations. Suntuity Airworks recently acquired BirdsiVideo and Osprey Assessments, two of the largest UAS (unmanned aerial systems) dealer and service networks across the United States.

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