Spytec GPS Partners with Google Maps, Launches Tracking History Feature

by | Nov 1, 2021

NEW YORK – Spytec GPS today launched Time Machine, a feature providing small businesses a first-of-its-kind historical record of GPS data for their vehicles and mobile assets. This release comes less than a month after the company announced its integration with Google Maps, the leading solution in digital mapping technology.

“Google Maps really is the gold standard for mapping software,” said Joseph Besdin, CEO of Spytec GPS. “It has the most accurate and up-to-date global location data and is trusted for making sophisticated mapping technology accessible to everyone. So it aligns nicely with what we’re doing, which is making sophisticated location-tracking solutions simple and accessible to small businesses.” 

The transition to Google Maps means Spytec GPS users now see:

  • accurate 3D details for building shapes and landmarks;
  • address labels displayed on top of 3D buildings; and
  • more up-to-date traffic information and satellite views.

To further boost the impact of its updated mapping functionality, Spytec GPS released its newest feature, Time Machine, to provide business owners a simple and reliable way to find out where their tracking devices went ” and when ” by looking back in time. Time Machine also provides users with contextual data ” including weather conditions and vehicle speed ” for each recorded point over the course of the selected time period. Unlike most other location history reporting tools, Time Machine visualizes this information on the map itself ” turning each tracker’s route into a scrollable timeline.

“We are a customer-first company, which means our product roadmap is based almost entirely on what our customers need and want ” and in some cases, what they don’t even know they need and want yet,” said Marcos Quiros, Vice President of Product. “We are laser-focused on supporting physical operations for small location-based businesses, and we found that something missing in the tracking solutions available to them was the ability to look back in time ” to see where their vehicles and physical assets had been in the past. So, we built that solution and not only made it easy to use, but also took it to the next level with a scrollable map timeline and extra contextual information.”

Use cases for Time Machine include verifying delivery completion times, providing supplementary information for incident reports (e.g., thefts or accidents), identifying opportunities to increase or reallocate staff and assessing employee performance.

“Our overarching vision at Spytec GPS is to transform the way small businesses leverage insights to take action, and these two milestones ” migrating to Google Maps and launching Time Machine ” are big steps forward in realizing that vision,” Besdin said.

About Spytec GPS

Spytec GPS illuminates and eliminates blind spots for small businesses by making Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology accessible and affordable, delivering reliable location data and actionable insights, and providing unmatched service and support. The easy-to-use Spytec GPS platform makes it simple for business owners and managers to track, protect and optimize their physical operations from anywhere ” giving them the complete visibility they need to run more efficient and profitable businesses. From real-time map views and trigger-based alerts to intelligent reporting on past trips and activity, Spytec GPS delivers powerful solutions to monitor and manage assets, personnel, supply chains and vehicle fleets.


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