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September 22, 2017
senseFly to Launch Industry-Specific Solutions at INTERGEO 2017

Cheseaux-Lausanne, Switzerland– senseFly, the world’s leading producer of mapping drones, is debuting a new line of comprehensive senseFly 360 solutions tailored to the surveying, mining and quarries, inspection and agriculture sectors at INTERGEO 2017, booth C2.001, hall 2.1.

Designed to offer professionals a complete, reliable decision-making tool, these solutions include: globally-proven senseFly drone hardware; advanced eMotion flight and data management software; and professional, industry-focused image processing and analysis solutions from either Pix4D or Airware, depending on the solution. In addition, senseFly 360 solutions include full access to educational materials as well as lifetime professional grade hardware and eMotion support.


  • senseFly Survey 360 is a complete aerial mapping system, capable of producing survey-grade data outputs.
  • senseFly Mine & Quarry 360 is a complete aerial site analysis system that provides detailed insights required to improve site and inventory management, provide quick, as well as accurate reporting.
  • senseFly Inspection 360 is a complete aerial inspection system that produces timely, geo-accurate data outputs.
  • senseFly Ag 360 is a complete aerial crop analysis system that drives accurate decision making, for a better quality crop, higher yields and greater profits.


 “senseFly 360 solutions provide geospatial professionals with market-proven, ready-to-deploy solutions that cover the whole data collection process—from flight planning to the generation of highly accurate data products and expert support. Most importantly, as we know from the feedback of senseFly operators around the world, these solutions provide a positive return on investment through helping organisations to boost their efficiency by rapidly reducing their data collection times,” said Jean-Thomas Celette, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at senseFly.


Drone surveying education at INTERGEO


Also at the show, senseFly will be hosting in-depth workshops and presentations on a range of topics:


  • Drone Surveying 101 – Using UAVs to Boost Efficiency & Cut Costs, 3-5 p.m. daily, Room Dessau 6: this unique drone education will provide insights into how unmanned drone technology is currently being used to boost time and cost efficiencies, improve on-site safety and provide real-time, actionable data. These workshops will include an exclusive UAV adoption presentation by Viscan Solutions, a German leader in intelligent construction monitoring. Register for the workshops at
  • Massive Mapping in Zanzibar, 1:20-1:40 p.m., Tuesday 26th September & Wednesday 27th September IASEXPO Practice FORUM: this presentation will explore how senseFly drones were used to map the whole of Zanzibar (approx. 1,600 km2), off the coast of Eastern Africa, in order to generate highly-detailed open map data for land tenure and educational use.
  • Corridor Mapping with Drones, 1:20-1:40 p.m., Thursday 28th September, IASEXPO Innovations Forum: this presentation will offer an overview of how senseFly drone technology can be used to tackle the challenge of mapping linear sites. senseFly’s surveying project manager will explore the various pros and cons of different corridor mapping workflows, as well as demonstrate the outputs possible with senseFly drones, featuring real-life corridor project data such as 3D point clouds and orthomosaics.
  • Flight demonstrations of senseFly fixed-wing drones, 11:30 a.m.-12 p.m daily, IAS Flight Zone, SommerGarten: part of the IAS Forum Flights series, the demonstrations will showcase the technology in action, while showing visitors on the advantages of flying UAVs


For more information on senseFly, go to

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