Schneider Electric Releases ArcFM Mobile 11.2.1

by | Oct 21, 2020

ORT COLLINS, Colo.  “ Schneider Electric, the industry leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions for utilities and communication providers, announced the latest release of ArcFM Mobile XI, the utility-scale mobile GIS solution designed for field crews. ArcFM Mobile 11.2.1 now supports a full digital design-construction workflow in the ArcFM XI ecosystem built for Esri's Utility Network.

ArcFM Mobile 11.2.1 helps minimize the need for paper construction plans and optimizes as-built data capture with powerful new capabilities:

  • Designs from ArcFM Designer XI are now displayed in ArcFM Mobile to accelerate crew access to construction plans
  • Crews can digitally as-built designs with ArcFM Mobile redlines to minimize the inefficiencies of paper-based as-builting
  • Every redline sketch in ArcFM Mobile can have a name, providing organizational linkage to an associated work order
  • ArcFM Mobile maps can have multiple redline categories for flexibility in redlining workflows
  • GIS editors can filter redlines on the desktop by name and category to focus on specific work orders or types of redlines

This is the most significant release of ArcFM Mobile XI yet, said Jay Stinson, general manager at Schneider Electric. Mobile XI now fully supports the entire digital design construction workflow. It marks a new era of automation, speed and visibility for field work, and transforms crews into a truly modern, digital workforce.

ArcFM Mobile XI is part of the ArcFM Solution XI Series, an ecosystem of applications that streamline the design and construction workflow, enabling utilities to get work done more efficiently. ArcFM Editor XI, ArcFM Web XI, ArcFM Geodatabase Designer XI and ArcFM Designer XI fill out the rest of the ecosystem and offer the most comprehensive utility GIS solution available today. The result “ streamlined workflows, minimized use of paper and a reduced work backlog enable utilities to address the challenges facing today's digital environment.


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