ScaleOut Software Announces Geospatial Mapping for its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Serviceâ„¢

by | Apr 28, 2021

BELLEVUE, Wash  “ ScaleOut Software today released new visualization capabilities for its Azure hosted ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Serviceâ„¢ and companion, on-premises streaming analytics platform. This innovative streaming analytics approach enables organizations to separately process and analyze incoming streaming data from thousands of data sources and to gain immediate insights that previously required offline batch processing to uncover. With the addition of geospatial mapping for real-time continuous queries, users can now visualize key analytics results with richer contextual information and boost their situational awareness of complex, dynamic systems.

Geospatial mapping of streaming analytics results brings data to life for numerous applications. For example, telematics systems can track thousands of vehicles and immediately identify on a map which vehicles need the assistance of a dispatcher based on continuous, real-time analysis of their incoming telemetry. Mapping of query results makes unusual situations, such as highway blockages or congregated drivers, immediately apparent. Security and safety applications for industrial infrastructures and smart cities benefit from this technology by enabling personnel to see curated, real-time data about multiple potential threats so that their relationships and dynamic changes can be immediately assessed.

We are excited to add powerful new visualization features to our ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service, said Dr. William Bain, ScaleOut Software's CEO and founder. Geospatial mapping helps our users fully benefit from the powerful real-time capabilities of memory-based, digital twin technology. We believe that combining digital twins with geospatial mapping creates an important breakthrough in extracting value from streaming data.

The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service incorporates a new software technique for implementing streaming analytics called real-time digital twins. This technique enables applications to analyze data in motion in milliseconds from thousands of data sources and maintain dynamic, contextual information about each data source for deep introspection. In addition, ScaleOut's in-memory, streaming analytics platform continuously aggregates and visualizes analytics results from real-time digital twins to identify emerging trends and boost situational awareness. With the addition of geospatial mapping, aggregated analytics results can now be graphically displayed so that users can quickly assess important spatial relationships.
 Benefits of Geospatial Mapping Key benefits of the product's new geospatial mapping include:

¢ Immediate Display of Analysis Results: Unlike streaming analytics platforms which analyze streaming data offline in data lakes, the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service immediately analyzes telemetry from each data source and extracts key insights. Geospatial mapping of these results makes them instantly available for examination in a graphical form.
¢ Continuous Updates: Mapped results can be continuously updated to expose dynamic changes in the results of analysis every five seconds.
¢ Ease of Use with Query Specifications: Users can easily specify the analysis results to be mapped using simple query specifications. These specifications allow results to be filtered to declutter the map and highlight important data.
¢ High Performance: The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service is implemented using highly scalable, in-memory computing software technology that processes incoming streaming data with high throughput and low latency. This enables streaming analytics to run in real time and to maximize situational awareness.

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