Satlab Geosolutions Introduces SLC RTK Handheld Using Your Tablet or Phone as Display

by | Sep 2, 2016

Askim, Sweden “ Today the Swedish based Survey and GIS equipment maker; Satlab Geosolutions AB, announces the availability of its multi-purpose SLC RTK handheld solution.  The SLC brings professional high precision positioning in a unique design concept with Bluetooth connectivity for Android, Windows and iOS BLE smart devices.

The SLC handheld sends via Bluetooth, cm level NMEA position data to the user's Tablet or Phone.  Alternatively, it can be used as a fixed sensor for any compatible NMEA driven positioning application.  The unique design includes a mounting plate to attach the user's Tablet device so it acts as the SLC's display, or connectivity is available via a USB/RS232 port.  With built-in wireless modem and optional remote antenna and pole or fixed mount accessories, the SLC can be configured as a sensor for Machine Control or other Mobile applications.

SLC is very flexible as it can be paired with data collection software running on Windows, Android or iOS BLE with compatible applications. SLC's RTK positioning information can be used in numerous markets including land surveying, high accuracy GIS, web based facility management, utilities, pipelines, precise farming, hydrography, geophysics or aeronautics. With 32GB internal memory SLC is also able to record RAW data to be used for post-processed applications.

SLC has a built in Lithium Ion battery and GNSS antenna for up to 12 hours portable operation.  It includes a Telit 3.5G GSM modem for operation as a RTK Base or Rover, transmitting or receiving corrections from NTRIP networks or via Satlab's free Internet RTK service.  Satlab Internet RTK allows you to stream corrections via IP to any of 3 Satlab servers located around the world and any Satlab Rover device can then connect to that same IP connection to receive full GNSS constellation corrections.

Our new Scandinavian designed SLC handheld is a different concept, offering RTK cm level positioning at an incredible price in a flexible form factor, commented Bjorn Agardh, CEO of Satlab, with our simple SLC Toolbox software utility, users set up the SLC once, and it remains configured every time it's used he added.

SLC comes in 2 configurations; as a handheld in a soft case with 2 tablet/panel mounting plates, a charging USB cable, or bundled with external geodetic antenna, cable and pole mount.  The SLC is a high value product with limitless possibilities.

About Satlab Geosolutions

A European based company with its head office near Gothenburg, Sweden with branch offices in Ankara, Turkey, Jicin, Czech Republic, Warsaw, Poland, Singapore, and Scottsdale, USA.  The Satlab team combine their many years' experience in the GNSS Survey and GIS industry applying their application knowledge to create innovative and robust products at competitive prices and great user experiences.  They understand that it takes solid products, great service and support to build the confidence in their dealers and equipment users.


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