Safe Software Expands into iPaaS Market with New Cloud Service

by | Nov 19, 2013

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nov. 13, 2013”Safe Software today expands its proven data integration technology into the iPaaS (integration platform as a service) market with its new cloud-based service. The Canadian-based company and leader in spatial data transformation today announced the public beta offering of its new FME Cloud service.

FME Cloud is based on Safe Software's FME technology, trusted for 20 years by tens of thousands of customers globally to remove the barriers to using and sharing critical business information.

FME Cloud brings the transformative power of FME Server to the cloud, making it easy and cost effective to connect to and work with virtually any application or web service, says Don Murray, Co-CEO of Safe Software. We are very excited by the innovations this makes possible for users in IT, GIS, and data analytics.

Offering the widest support for applications, FME enables businesses to integrate information from 300+ sources including cloud data, other cloud services, SaaS, on-premise systems, databases, social, mobile, and location-based information into their business intelligence.

FME Cloud's application connections are unlimited, allowing information to be quickly integrated from anywhere – inside or outside an organization – and applied to business logic, analyses, GIS, and data warehousing, explains Stewart Harper, FME Cloud Product Manager.

The world's only location-aware iPaaS, FME Cloud enables organizations to both exploit the location information they already have and combine it with the growing number of available web services. FME Cloud provides intelligence to decision makers based on solid business logic that natively answers the question where?

Additionally, the ability to place location information on a map provides decision makers with information in a more real-to-life way that's easily understood, so that critical decisions can be made with confidence.

Barrett Higman, GIS Officer of Alpine Shire Council knows this first-hand after designing his award-winning project BAL Plan using FME Cloud during the private beta program.

Our desire was to make property bushfire risk faster to assess and easier to interpret during the planning permitting process to ultimately save lives and property in the future, describes Barrett. FME Cloud now calculates a potential building site's bushfire risk based on factual data and presents it within seconds on a map. This has made the work of city planners much easier as they work with landowners on site to get buy-in for the safest locations to build a home or other structure.

FME's simple graphical user interface enables organizations to control their application integrations without any coding. Information is free to swiftly move anywhere, while intuitive tools for integration, scheduling, automation, and notifications provide true set it and forget it peace of mind.

If there are calculation process changes in the future, there's lots of flexibility to make these updates without a developer, says Barrett. Using FME Cloud, when our algorithm change needed to be made, I was confident that I could update BAL Plan in under an hour without any panicked phone calls.

Getting started with FME Cloud is fast and easy.  Organizations gain access to the infrastructure capacity they need in mere minutes and pay only for what they use. Vertical scaling makes FME Cloud ideal for experimental proof of concepts to massive enterprise deployments. With no hardware to manage, organizations can rely on FME's robust server infrastructure that offers automated backups, high availability, dedicated tenancy, and tight security. Using FME Cloud, we got all the benefits of FME Server, and the cost savings of hosting it in the cloud instead of on-site, says Barrett. We don't need to worry about any of the software updates, hardware or backups. Without FME Cloud, we couldn't have done our project.

The FME Cloud Beta is now open. Organizations interested in FME Cloud Beta can visit to sign up or to request a personalized demonstration.

About Safe and FME

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