Riverside Research to Unveil the Commercial Innovation Center

by | Oct 6, 2021

WASHINGTON Riverside Research will officially introduce its Commercial Innovation Center (CIC) to a wide audience of Government officials, commercial data providers, and application developers at the 2021 USGIF GEOINT Symposium in St Louis, MissouriOct. 5-8.

The CIC is a first-of-its-kind online development and test platform that provides a secure, virtual, open ecosystem for developers and researchers to collectively harness the combined powers of commercial remote sensing, cloud technologies, secure DevOps, and advanced tools and services. The CIC’s trusted, unclassified, virtual development platform accesses multiple commercial remote sensing phenomenologies (e.g., EO, radar, IR, RF, MSI, HSI), connects emerging and established vendors with shared tools and services, and facilitates GEOINT, MASINT, and Multi-INT research and development.

The CIC supports and enables industry, scientific, academic, and governmental R&D activities by facilitating access to commercial remote sensing data. It offers integrated hardware, software, processes, data, tools, demonstration capabilities, and other IT infrastructure required to rapidly enable ecosystem partner R&D. The CIC’s robust development environment allows partners to create, integrate, and test applications and services within a secure cloud-based platform. Through the CIC DevOps environment, partners can pursue the development of their applications, continuously adjusting capabilities to address their evolving R&D needs.

“The explosive growth and evolution of commercial platforms will continue to drive breakthroughs and uncover key insights for top national security and DoD challenges. The CIC provides the ecosystem to fuel these revolutionary discoveries.” “ Mike Nelson, Vice President of Intelligence and Defense Solutions at Riverside Research. 

“The GEOINT and national security communities needed an environment where they could develop and test ideas that use commercial remote sensing data without the need for government contracts or sponsorship. Likewise, commercial data providers wanted an environment where their data can be explored by a divergent and wide-ranging set of developers and analysts unrestricted by burdensome contracts and licensing limitations. The CIC meets both these needs.” “Ann Carbonell, PhD, CIC PM

About Riverside Research

Riverside Research is a not-for-profit organization advancing scientific research in the interest of National Security. Through the company’s Open Innovation Center (OIC), it invests in multi-disciplinary research and development and encourages collaboration to accelerate innovation and advance science. Research areas include: AI/ML, Trusted and Resilient Systems, Optics, Electromagnetics, Commercial ISR, and Collection Planning. Learn more at www.riversideresearch.org.


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