REscan Unveils 3D Mapping Technology to Capture and Digitize Physical Spaces from the Human Perspective

by | May 11, 2020

Menlo Park, CA “ Following four years of R&D, REscan Inc. today officially emerged from stealth mode to introduce its 3D mapping technology solution that captures and digitizes large indoor and outdoor spaces from a human perspective. Decision makers spanning commercial real estate, architecture, engineering and entertainment can now use REscan's advanced capture technology to transform large physical spaces into explorable 3D digital models that are easily accessible through a mobile phone.

REscan is digitizing the physical world, starting with large commercial real estate portfolios, making them remotely viewable, analyzable, editable and ready for integration with immersive technologies, said Robert Herman, co-founder and chief executive officer of REscan. We are building the largest spatial data marketplace without owning any properties.


REscan leverages first-of-a-kind, patented head-mounted devices to scan large properties and locations. The technology can cover upwards of 250,000 square feet per hour, including stairs, uneven surfaces and open spaces, without compromising the data quality. The digital twin can then be viewed, measured and analyzed with single-touch navigation in the free REscan app. The company has raised $6M to date and worked with top-tier clients such as Linear Retail and Grabango, pre-launch.


The demand for 3D mapping technology is rapidly growing as enterprises realize the value of virtual assets, said Botond Bognar, co-founder and chief product officer of REscan. Our technology adds enormous value to any organization beyond just saving time and travel costs. At REscan, we have streamlined the entire 3D mapping process to create a more efficient and accurate solution than currently available on the market.


REscan clients pay a yearly subscription fee to store and access their 3D models and data. Clients and their stakeholders can use the digital assets to share precise property views with high-quality 3D spatial measurements to support remote collaboration, object finding and even safety inspections. This technology is already being implemented in the commercial real estate industry to remotely view and manage portfolios, and its next iteration will enable property managers to reduce energy costs by understanding a property's thermal characteristics and accelerate the bidding and contract estimation process through remote revisions. Additionally, REscan's software can automatically remove people and other specified private information from digital models, making it possible to capture usable scans regardless of whether a location is occupied.


REscan signifies major progress in indoor mapping, said Tim O'Sullivan, Senior Director of CBRE. Capturing an indoor location is a traditionally cumbersome process, with potential complications navigating floor plans, lighting and surfaces that can impact the quality of data collected. REscan has created a seamless method to quickly capture large, complex environments to give clients remote access to immersive walkthrough experiences.


About REscan Inc.

Founded by tech and commercial real estate veterans, REscan Inc. is a 3D mapping technology company that captures and digitizes the physical world from a human point of view. REscan's unique technology creates a 3D digital model of any physical space that can then be streamed and analyzed via the REscan app. With the ability to capture up to 250,000 square feet per hour, REscan provides decision makers with the tools they need to see the full potential of a space quickly and accurately, from anywhere in the world. The company's investors include SRI International, Acequia Capital, Granpool, David Helgason (Co-founder of Unity), Charles Songhurst, among others.

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