Rand McNally Releases Industry’s Most Rugged Solar-Powered Tracker for High-Value Assets

by | Feb 16, 2021

CHICAGO - Rand McNally, a leader in navigation and commercial transportation technology, today released a new, robust solar-powered asset tracker, certified for the most extreme episodes of wind, dust, and water.  

The new TrueTrack® S110 tracker “ for use on trailers, equipment, and other high-value assets “ has a rating of IP69K, the highest standard for proven protection against dust, close-range, high-pressure water, and high-temperature liquids making their way inside the device.

“As you can imagine, placing a tracker on the exterior of a trailer or outdoor equipment, comes with hazards related to wind, sleet, rain, hail, harsh chemicals, and more,” said Maged Riad, Senior Director of Engineering, Rand McNally. “The TrueTrack® S110 tracker has been through thorough third-party testing and certification to ensure that even the strongest pressure washers won’t affect the functionality of the device.”

Although there are some battery-operated trackers with IP69K certification, the inlaid solar panel as well as the pressure equalization vent and gasket create more complexity; with innovative design, Rand McNally engineers solved these potential vulnerabilities and achieved the high “Ingress Protection” certification as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Importance of Tracking

Asset tracking has become increasingly important in recent years, especially as cargo theft has been on the rise. According to CargoNet, which coordinates a national database on the subject, recorded incidents of cargo thefts rose more than 30% during the first 10 months of 2020 vs. prior year.

Not only does a tracking solution help companies locate a missing or stolen asset but also enables managers to inform customers of an assets’ location and confirm the presence of the property in a yard. Additionally, implementing an asset tracking solution can provide annual insurance savings.


The TrueTrack® S110 is part of Rand McNally’s connected fleet platform and can be used as a stand-alone product or added to a company’s monthly subscription. As a result, with a single login to Rand McNally’s web portal, on a single map, customers can view the location of all their fleet vehicles and assets.

Other features of the new tracker and web portal include:

  • A rechargeable solar battery with a conventional battery backup;
  • Up to 90 days between full charges;
  • 10-minute or less installation;
  • Pre-configuration and ready-to-go “ there are no bulky and confusing switches or cables to get in the way;
  • Precise location transmission, whether in motion or still, using a built-in cellular modem running on a 4G LTE network;
  • The ability to set up custom geofences in order to receive an email alert when an asset moves, enters, or exits a designated boundary;
  • On-screen mapping and location information plus up to 6 months of tracking data and reporting.

The TrueTrack® S110 joins the company’s existing battery-powered AssetTracker B100™ model. For more information on Rand McNally’s Fleet Management solutions, please visit fleet.randmcnally.com.

About Rand McNally “ Chicago-based Rand McNally has been transforming travel and transportation for 165 years. Today, Rand McNally provides innovative fleet management and commercial transportation solutions, connected vehicle technology, and consumer travel and education products. Learn more at randmcnally.com and fleet.randmcnally.com

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