ProgeSOFT unveils progeCAD 2025, the 2D/3D DWG/DXF CAD with Dynamic Blocks support

by | May 28, 2024

CHIASSO, Switzerland – ProgeSOFT SA, the developer of the alternative 2D/3D DWG/DXF-native CAD platform, is delighted to announce the release of progeCAD 2025 Professional, the new version of its versatile CAD package.

CHIASSO, SwitzerlandMay 27, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ProgeSOFT has reached a new milestone in the development of its flagship CAD product releasing progeCAD 2025 on the brand new engine with highly anticipated Advanced Blocks support to streamline design workflow. CAD professionals can now create and edit blocks with parameters, actions, and visibility states just like with AutoCAD® dynamic blocks. progeCAD 2025 maintains blocks smart parameters when it opens AutoCAD® drawings with existing dynamic blocks and transparently converts them into Advanced Blocks on editing.

Enjoy the old perpetual license model with the new progeCAD 2025 functionality and no annual fee!

The new major release also proudly showcases:

  • the new progeCAD Generative AI Translator, which allows CAD users to translate all or part of their drawings into any language,
  • the new AEC module compatible with AutoCAD®AEC Objects,
  • and the new ARX API framework for easy porting of AutoCAD® applications to progeCAD.

progeCAD 2025 also offers enhanced performance in several areas:

  • faster opening drawings with multiple blocks and external references,
  • quicker editing geometry with the QBREAK and EBREAK commands,
  • easier GIS/Map image editing with Rubber sheeting.

There are multiple improvements in other areas as well.

Below are just a few highlights of the new features and enhancements of progeCAD 2025:

NEW ENGINE with thousands of bug fixes

ADVANCED BLOCKS (aka AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks). Transparently convert Dynamic Blocks to Advanced Blocks. The block editor also allows you to create and edit Advanced Blocks using parameters, actions, and visibility states as with AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks

NEW 3D AEC ARCHITECTURAL MODULE. The new AEC package, compatible with AutoCAD®AEC Objects, allows you to draw 3D architectural elements with a two-dimensional view in plan

GENERATIVE AI DRAWING TRANSLATOR. The new progeCAD text translator for drawings uses the translation engine by Google® AI to translate all or part of your drawing into any language

RUBBER SHEETING. Use rubber sheeting on images to align geographically two or more different data sets from different sources: for example, when stretching a new subdivision map into a preexisting parcel map.

NEW DATAEXTRACTION. Added new functions and the ability to create dynamic tables inside the drawing that can be updated based on drawing changes.

ARX API. The new API framework compatible with AutoCAD® ARX Classes, which makes significantly facilitates the porting of AutoCAD® applications to progeCAD.

NEW BIM IMPORTER. Direct import of Autodesk® Revit files (up to v. 2024) selecting the entire model or a specific View

IFC EXPORT. Create IFC from DWG with the new experimental IFCEXPORT and IFCEXPORTOPTIONS commands. It is possible to include .rvt, .ifc underlays, and AEC Objects when exporting to .ifc files. Specify the IFC4 or IFC4x3 schema when exporting to .ifc files and set display properties for AEC styles.

“By incorporating Advanced Blocks into our CAD package, we’ve given the progeCAD community the long-awaited feature, which will make your everyday design tasks quick and effortless. And with the new ARX API framework implemented in progeCAD 2025, we’re looking forward to the tremendous value these new applications could add to our already outstanding CAD platform.” said Marco Lucini, CEO at ProgeSOFT SA.

progeCAD Professional is a 2D/3D DWG/DXF CAD supporting AutoCAD® DWG versions 2.5 – 2025 and ensuring full compatibility for sharing DWG/DXF drawing files. Getting started with progeCAD is intuitive for those familiar with AutoCAD®. Extra tools included with progeCAD Professional enable it to offer improved performance with organising a CAD professional daily design routine. These are 3D PDF export, the PDF to DWG converter, the Vectorizer, the Block Libraries Manager, the AEC Objects Architectural Module, the Artisan Render module, multiple file formats support to exchange data with other software applications, and more. progeCAD is the smart DWG CAD platform used by engineers, architects, construction professionals, interior designers, real estate developers, product designers, and the list can go on and on.

To learn all new features of progeCAD 2025, please consult the What’s new page on the website and for the complete list of the software functionality go to

About the Company

ProgeSOFT SA is a private software company which specialises in cost-efficient CAD solutions. With a vast experience of operation in the CAD industry, ProgeSOFT offers the versatile CAD platforms for Windows and MAC and applications for architectural, mechanical, electrical, Maps, GIS, HVAC/Piping and other industries. ProgeSOFT is also a founder and executive member of the IntelliCAD® Technology Consortium.


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