PCI Geomatics and IAVO-RS Release 3D FeatureXtract Software

by | Aug 15, 2013

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 7, 2013”PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announces with is partner IAVO, the release of 3D FeatureXtract (3DFE).

By calculating feature heights and outlines of overlapping satellite or aerial imagery, 3DFE can model 3D features in a 2D environment, and it does this without any need for specialized hardware.  The software was developed by leading scientists at IAVO, a research and development company based in Durham, North Carolina.

3D FeatureXtract will allow customers to easily derive building footprints, a key requirement for producing true ortho image products from satellite or aerial imagery, said Peter Hazlett, Desktop Product Manager at PCI Geomatics. 3DFE is easy to use and requires no special hardware “ anyone with basic computer skills can learn how to model in 3DFE in a matter of minutes.

We believe 3DFE offers capabilities aligned tightly with emerging trends in 3D geospatial and feature modeling, and we anticipate the software being enthusiastically embraced by PCI's various user communities, added Dr. Matthew Heric, Chief Executive Officer at IAVO.

PCI Geomatics continues to provide leading-edge tools to correct satellite and aerial imagery, having recently released its GXL 2013 software, which includes innovative 2.5D hybrid DSM-to-DTM editing tools. With 3DFE, customers perform true ortho processing, delineate building footprints, and create fully textured 3D building models.

Building models are expensive to generate or purchase from traditional sources, said David Piekny, Solutions Product Manager at PCI Geomatics. Using 3DFE, our customers can easily produce building footprints, extrude 3D buildings, and also derive building texture information, all through the use of their existing stereo data collections. The software provides highly accurate results, is intuitive and simple to use, and will provide increased production speeds for true ortho projects.

PCI Geomatics is the global distributor for the software, with additional distribution through its international reseller network. To find out more, and to download an evaluation version of the software, visit: www.pcigeomatics.com/3DFE

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