Orbit GT Releases Version 19.3 of its 3D Mapping Portfolio

by | Mar 15, 2019

With version 19.3, our 3D Mapping portfolio again takes a huge leap forward, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. This new release has much more to offer than you would think at first look. Improvements in every product, and quite some eye-catchers as well.  Available for download today ! 

Here are a few highlights :
“ automated measurement for guard rails (3D Measurements)
“ automated measurement for pedestrian crossings (3D Measurements)
“ automated 3D measurement precision fall-back system
“ improved Asset Inventory Review and Edit tools
“ introduction of Hybrid Resources (3D Mapping Cloud)
“ Categorized 3D Models (3D Mapping Cloud)
“ New SDK and Plugins (3DM Publisher and 3D Mapping Cloud)
“ Optimized menus and improved functionalities (3D Mapping Cloud)
“ 150+ improvements

All new versions are available for download today from www.orbitgt.com.


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