NVIDIA Expands Omniverse Cloud to Power Industrial Digitalization

by | Mar 22, 2023

New Platform-as-a-Service Coming Soon to Microsoft Azure, Follows Initial Omniverse Adoption by BMW Group, Geely Lotus and Jaguar Land Rover

GTC—NVIDIA today announced that NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud, a platform-as-a-service that enables companies to unify digitalization across their core product and business processes, is now available to select enterprises.

NVIDIA has selected Microsoft Azure as the first cloud service provider for Omniverse Cloud, giving enterprises access to the full-stack suite of Omniverse software applications and NVIDIA OVX™ infrastructure, with the scale and security of Azure cloud services.

The new subscription offering for Omniverse Cloud on Azure makes it easy for automotive teams — from design and engineering to smart factory to marketing — to digitalize their workflows, whether connecting 3D design tools to accelerate vehicle development, building digital twins of automotive factories or running closed-loop simulations to test vehicle performance.

“Every manufactured object, from massive physical facilities to handheld consumer goods, will someday have a digital twin, created to build, operate and optimize the object,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is the digital-to-physical operating system for industrial digitalization, arriving just in time for the trillions of dollars of new EV, battery and chip factories that are being built.”

Omniverse Cloud Delivers Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability
Through Omniverse Cloud, NVIDIA and Microsoft provide customers a full-stack cloud environment and platform capabilities to design, develop, deploy and manage industrial metaverse applications. Omniverse Cloud also connects with the products that customers use from NVIDIA’s partner ecosystem.

Powered by NVIDIA OVX computing systems, Omniverse Cloud enables enterprise developers to customize foundation applications that are included with the platform-as-a-service:

Automotive Makers Adopting Omniverse to Achieve Digitalization
Omniverse Cloud builds on the success of and experience with early Omniverse Enterprise customers, including BMW Group, Geely Lotus and Jaguar Land Rover.

BMW Group, which was the first carmaker to adopt Omniverse to build a fully digitalized smart factory, today announced that it will launch the current Omniverse Enterprise platform across its production network worldwide.

“NVIDIA Omniverse has given us an unprecedented ability to design, build and test complex manufacturing systems, which means we can plan and optimize a next-generation factory completely virtually before we build it in the physical world,” said Milan Nedeljković, board member for production at BMW AG. “This will save us time and resources, increase our sustainability efforts and improve operational efficiencies.”

Geely Lotus is adopting Omniverse Enterprise to build digital twins of factories to optimize manufacturing processes.

Jaguar Land Rover is using Omniverse to generate synthetic data to train AI models, as well as validate perception and control algorithms through real-world driving scenarios. The vehicle maker has integrated Omniverse with its state-of-the-art vehicle dynamics models, virtual electronic control units, virtual automotive networks and cloud infrastructure, enabling teams to rapidly iterate software concepts.

Omniverse Cloud, powered by NVIDIA OVX computing systems, will be available starting with Microsoft Azure in the second half of the year.

Omniverse Cloud-based services will also be available from a network of leading service providers including WPP, the world’s largest marketing and communications company, which is building services to deliver sustainable and automated content supply chains for major brands worldwide.

To learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, watch the GTC keynoteRegister free for GTC to attend Omniverse sessions with NVIDIA and industry leaders.

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