The “spring” version of ‘Spatial Manager’ (4.2) adds the news, improvements and fixes developed over the past six months. Enjoy the georeferenced Raster images provider, which transform images individually or in batches, the LiDAR provider, the practical ‘Import-all’ enhancements, the import/export Hatches options, as well as the full compatibility with the latest base systems on the market


'New 'Spatial Manager 4.2' Raster Images provider

‘New ‘Spatial Manager 4.2’ Raster Images provider


New features and improvements:

  • Bring the Background Map to front
  • New options when Capturing a Background Map image
    • Choice of the image format
    • Generation of the geo-reference file (World File)
    • Related video: AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD
  • New LiDAR files data provider
  • New georeferenced Raster images data provider
    • References via “World File” (TFW, JGW, etc.) or GeoTIFF
    • Related video: AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD
  • Export Hatches properties
  • Properties of polygon fill Hatches selected from Fields values when importing
  • Improved image Publishing in Google Earth
  • ‘Import-all’ tool enhancements
    • Compatible with the new data providers for LiDAR files and Raster images
    • Select from among several options the CRS of unreferenced data sources to import
    • Distribute the objects in Layers according to the source Table name
      • Interesting for files that can contain several tables (SDF, SQLITE, etc.)
    • Related video: AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD
  • Added new LISP functions to manage the Coordinate System (CRS)
  • Detailed information about Coordinate systems or transformations
  • EPSG 9.2 updated (CRSs and other objects)
  • Six languages already available
    • English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • AutoCAD 2019, BricsCAD 18, ZWCAD 2018 compatible
  • … and more
Note: Some functionalities only apply to CAD versions, and some of them may be found only in the Standard or Professional editions