New Release of SuperGIS Server 3.2

by | Jan 5, 2016

Supergeo is proud to announce that the latest version of SuperGIS Server 3.2 is now available on our official website. This release includes some new features as well as improvements that make SuperGIS Server even better. For example, users can now publish pre-cached maps with ease by following the new improved work-flow. And for mobile users, the map now rotates based on their facing direction. Visit our website for more information and request a 30-day trial.

There are also new APIs for SuperGIS Server JavaScript, including edit tool, attribute inspection interface, and more. All these powerful and easy-to-use APIs are designed to help map developers to customize fancy maps. For those who are interested in our API, please visit SGDN for JavaScript API samples.

Last but not least, if you are new to SuperGIS Server JavaScript API, you should check out our new online courses. These new courses come with a friendly code playground that allows you to edit the JavaScript code directly on the website and see what happens on the map immediately. In that way, learning the API has never been so easy!


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