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December 5, 2016
New Features in the Upcoming SuperPad 10

Supergeo is excited to announce that SuperPad 3.3, one of the most popular mobile GIS software, will soon have an upgraded version - SuperPad 10!

Supported both Windows and Windows Mobile Operating System, SuperPad is the mobile GIS software designed for spatial data collection. In the 10 version, SuperPad will bring a smoother and more pleasant user experience to all fieldworkers by its state-of-the-art GIS features.

Needless to say, the already powerful SuperPad will add several new features in the 10 version. First, the user interface will be renewed. With the brand-new design, users can find the needed tools and manipulate in a more intuitive way. Second, a new function called Quickproject will be added, which is a solution-oriented feature that can significantly reduce the time spent on fieldworks. For example, by using a Forestry Quickproject, forestry workers can find the needed tools and record the height, perimeter, and other attributes of a tree in the pre-defined table rapidly. Other than the Quickprojects provided by Supergeo, such as Forestry and Online Map, users can also define and save your own Quickproject, which can meet the needs from different domains. Third, in SuperPad 10, users can connect to the cloud storage services, including Google Drive and Dropbox, and synchronize the collected data. By uploading the data to the storage space, fieldworkers can survey a broad area at once without stopping to store data. Lastly, other than the OGC standards already supported in the 3.3 version (WMS, WMTS, WFS), SuperPad 10 will further support WFS-T standard. By using WFS-T, fieldworkers can edit, delete, and update the features in the map service with ease.

Since the establishment in 2001, for more than a decade, Supergeo has dedicated to developing practical, affordable, and user-friendly GIS software. That is because Supergeo believes the power of geography will enable people to make smarter decisions and make tomorrow a brighter day.

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