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  • Jul 26, 2018
  • Comments Off on New Esri Connection Microsoft Flow Offers Instant Mapping Sharing Field-Sourced Data
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July 26, 2018
New Esri Connection Microsoft Flow Offers Instant Mapping Sharing Field-Sourced Data

Redlands, California—Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, today announced that Survey123 for ArcGIS, Esri’s smart-form-data gathering solution, will now be offered as part of Microsoft Flow’s connector community. Survey123 is a go-to field data collection application for field personnel across industries such as utilities, manufacturing, facilities management, and government due to its simple, intuitive, formcentric data collection interface that combines the power of smart forms and geography. Survey123 joins more than 215 connectors available through Flow, a cloud-based service that makes it easier to automate common tasks and business processes across applications and services.

“Our mobile users have been seeking a way to automate processes every time someone sends or submits data from Survey123,” said Jeff Peters, director of global business development, Esri. “By becoming part of the connector community, valuable on-site information provided through Survey123 smart forms will be made instantaneously available for other connector apps and services like Box or Microsoft Outlook. As businesses look to create efficiencies, allowing the seamless coordination of these types of data will lead to improved coordination and increased productivity.”

The Survey123 Connector for Microsoft Flow enables Survey123 dynamic data to be automatically prioritized based on type; department; urgency; and, most importantly, location. Information is routed to the proper place or person, when applicable, even sending a text message to the appropriate employee or creating a work order. All these functions are fully automated and can be customized based on the organization using them, whether it’s a municipal power company, emergency management teams, or an Internet provider.

Flow lets organizations create automated, more efficient workflows between numerous different apps and enterprise services, helping to ensure that critical information is always accessible at the right time to the right people. For instance, if a field technician marks a power line for repair in the Survey123 app, Flow automatically logs calendars to remind personnel and then emails them to perform the necessary work.

“Microsoft is happy to add Esri’s Survey123 to its growing collection of connectors for Microsoft Flow,” said Warren Wilbee, Senior Director, ISV Recruiting, Microsoft Corp. “Location intelligence is an important feature for our mutual customers, and this integration allows access to location-based field data anytime, anywhere.”

The Survey123 Connector for Flow is available now for all organizations using Microsoft cloud services. To learn more about how Esri is helping automate smart workflows, visit

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