Munich-Based Sensor Startup KONUX Announces Line of Optoelectronic Torque Sensors

by | Jul 21, 2015

MUNICH, July 21, 2015 -”Sensor startup KONUX announces optoelectronic sensors that set new industry standards of precision and robustness, enabling faster production and maximum asset utilization. In the field of collaborative robots, KONUX torque sensors ensure safer and more effective human-machine-collaboration.

KONUX developed a new optoelectronic measuring principle for use in state-of-the-art applications such as collaborative robots. KONUX is currently releasing torque sensors that have less than 1 microvolt of noise even in the low torque range. They are suitable for use in realtime class 3 control processes due to their two-digit microsecond response time. Additionally, KONUX sensors are able to intelligently self-calibrate and measure with an accuracy up to .01 percent. KONUX's contactless measurement principle ensures the sensors are insensitive to vibration and resistant to wear. The reliability and robustness of KONUX sensors allows them to function even in extreme conditions and qualifies them for applications with high demands on safety and efficiency.

KONUX is a Munich-based startup that builds smart and custom-made sensor systems based on their patented contactless optoelectronic measuring technology. In addition to torque, this technology can currently be applied to eight other mechanical and geometric measurands, including pressure, angle, and force.

Realtime response and high precision make KONUX sensors the ideal solution for state-of-the-art manufacturing, such as production lines integrating collaborative robots and humans side by side. The optoelectronic sensor technology ensures that the sensors have the reliability and accuracy to make the robots safe for use in the direct proximity of humans. In the class of lightweight robotics, KONUX meets safety standards by using reactive sensors in robot joints.

KONUX sensors enable smooth production by mechanically storing the output signal, ensuring the absolute measurement is preserved in the case of supply voltage failure or machine downtime. After the system is restarted, KONUX sensors immediately resume measurement. Changes during machine downtime can be detected as well. KONUX sensors also drive maximum asset utilization by intelligently self-calibrating. Even during full machine operation, the sensors can adapt to changing conditions. Thus, they do not need to be removed from the system for maintenance purposes.

KONUX offers smart sensors for use in industrial Internet of Things applications and intelligently networked systems. KONUX sensors are custom-made, and the design of the optoelectronic sensors can be scaled and integrated into various use cases. We are already developing sensors which meet the high demands of Industry 4.0, says Chief Technology Officer Vlad Lata: EtherCat and ZigBee are common practices at KONUX. As a young company we profit from the fact that we don't have to change existing systems. Right from the start, we manufacture the products our clients need in order to tackle the upcoming challenges in manufacturing. All products are optimized for use with BLE, Ethernet, and industrial Wi-Fi, facilitating faster and more efficient production processes, as well as autonomous machine-to-machine communication.


KONUX is a German sensor company developing customized sensor solutions based on its patented optoelectronic measuring principle. KONUX sensors are able to determine a wide range of mechanical measurands with high accuracy and precision. They can easily be integrated into complex systems and constitute a reliable and accurate solution even for use in demanding measuring ranges or in hazardous work environments.

KONUX utilizes both the extensive know-how of its product developers and the innovative ideas of a young, creative team to break new ground in the field of optoelectronic sensors.

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