Map of the Month: GfK Inhabitants by Age Group (0-4 years) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2021

by | May 19, 2021

GfK's Map of the Month for May shows the regional distribution of babies and toddlers younger than five years in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2021.

In Germany, the highest percentage of babies and toddlers can be found in the district of Offenburg: 5.83 percent of all inhabitants there are under five years of age. Bringing up the rear among German districts is the district of Suhl, where the share of babies and children is 3.43 percent. Among Austrians, Vienna's eleventh district (Simmering) is in first place. 6.05 percent of all people there are younger than five years. By contrast, the fewest babies and toddlers are to be found in the district of Jennersdorf, where they account for 3.45 percent. In Switzerland, the highest proportion of inhabitants aged up to four years is found in the district of Broye-Vully, with a share of 6.11 percent. The last place is occupied by the Valais district of Goms, where only 3.18 percent of all inhabitants are under the age of five.

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