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December 15, 2017
Map of the Month: Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index Study, 2017

This year's Anholt-GfK Nation Brands IndexSM study finds that a robust, well-rounded reputation is the key to safeguarding or improving a nation's overall reputation. More often than not, leading nations lead on multiple dimensions. Consistency in image is crucial – seldom does a signature strength lift a nation's reputation into the top overall. Furthermore, relying on a single strength can create volatility in a nation's reputation year after year. Check out our map to see how this year's top countries compare across a variety of categories, from exports to immigration and investment. For more details on the rankings, visit our blog.

Download the map in high-resolution JPG format...

The map may be freely distributed and reproduced if the following attribution is included: “Illustration: GfK”.

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