LandScan+ combines The World's Finest Population Distribution Data with Authoritative Infrastructure Data

by | Dec 18, 2015

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA “ December 18, 2015 East View introduces a new value-added geospatial solution by combining authoritative infrastructure data with the award-winning LandScanTM Global Population Database.


Developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and exclusively distributed by East View, LandScan provides the most accurate and reliable ambient population data covering the globe.


LandScan+ is a new opportunity for GIS users to improve their ability to analyze and understand the impact of conditions, surroundings and events on human population dynamics.


Since 1989, East View has acquired a vast archive of global maps and geospatial datasets that can now be paired with LandScan population data. Here are some examples:


Ukraine 1:50K topographic vector data South Africa 1:50K topographic vector data
·                     Rail network·                     Road network

·                     Settlements

·                     Data period 2008-2011

·                     Rail network·                     Road network

·                     Power utilities

·                     Data period 2006-2010

Vietnam 1:50K topographic vector data Myanmar 1:50K topographic vector data
·                     Rail network·                     Road network

·                     Power utilities

·                     Hydro network

·                     Cultural sites

·                     Data period 2009-2010

·                     Rail network·                     Road network

·                     Power utilities

·                     Settlements

·                     Data period 2013


* These datasets were not used in the creation of LandScan.
The images below represent the LandScan Vietnam population data and the primary road network in Vietnam that are combined to generate the LandScan+ mashup.


LandScan Road Network LandScan+


To learn more about the infinite cross-referencing opportunities, customization, sample data and pricing options with LandScan+ please contact East View at the following:


Scott Edwards Product Manager – East View Information Services

Tel.: 952-252-1201      E-mail: [email protected]


About East View

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