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May 3, 2018
Jibestream Helps Customers Map User Journeys with New Geofence Feature

TORONTO - Jibestream, the premier indoor mapping platform provider, announced today the addition of a powerful new geofence plugin to their indoor mapping and location platform. This new feature will help Jibestream clients map user journeys by capturing real-time location and valuable business data.

Geofencing is a location-based feature that uses virtual geographical boundaries to gather location analytics including when a user enters, exits, or dwells within a predefined area. The resulting user location data can be used as a basis to trigger push notifications, to present visual content, to initiate an event and to gain intelligence into user behavior and patterns, all based on their physical location.

“Increasingly, we are seeing organizations turn to innovative technologies, such as geofencing, to further enhance indoor experiences for their users. With our new geofence plugin, we are giving our customers the ability to connect location data with actionable insights,” said Chris Wiegand, CEO and co-founder of Jibestream. “The ways in which these virtual boundaries can be used is infinite. Companies are only really limited by their imagination.”

This new feature gives Jibestream administrators the ability to easily define, view and modify geofences from within the company’s Content Management System (CMS). Geofences can be drawn in any shape or size and are associated with a set of longitude-latitude coordinates to ensure geo-alignment to the world map.

Geofences are available in the latest version of Jibestream’s indoor mapping platform. For additional information about Jibestream’s geofence plugin and other powerful features, watch the Features Roundup demonstration or visit

About Jibestream
Jibestream is an award-winning software company that specializes in merging the location dimension into enterprise solutions for real-time visual intelligence. The company's premier indoor mapping platform gives developers the tools to create tailored map-enabled web and mobile applications while having centralized management of all associated data. For more information, please visit

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